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Angels pitching gives up a lot of homers, lose to Tigers 4-3. Water is wet.

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Angels 3 Tigers 4

Home runs. The Angels LOVE giving up home runs, don’t they? They love giving up home runs like Mike Trout loves the weather, and tonight, their homer-givin’ hearts must have been in heaven. Three home runs tonight from the Tigers would be the deadly 1-2-3 combo that put the Halos in a bad spot, no matter how hard Mike Trout and Albert Pujols tried to save the day.

Ricky Nolasco took the mound for the Halos to start this game, which already has you anticipating at least one ball to be parked in the outfield stands by an opponent’s bat. His line at the end of his evening didn’t even look THAT bad (6.0 IP/ 5 H/ 3 R/ 3 ER/ 4 BB/ 4 K), but the three runs he would give up ALL CAME ON DINGERS. He gave up a two run shot to J.D. Martinez in the second, and a solo bomb to Justin Upton in the sixth.

Luckily, this team has one Mike Trout and one Albert Pujols. Those guys enjoy winning whenever possible, and they did their damnedest to get this game in the win column for the home town crowd. Pujols hit a game-tying, two-run single in the fifth, and all of a sudden they were back in it.

But then that aforementioned Upton bomb happened, in the sixth, and the Angels were down one run yet again; back in that bummer state of mind. It was 3-2 Tigers, heading into the later innings, the starter now out of the game. The game was on shaky, shaky ground for the good guys.

Mike Trout is one of those good guys, though, and he had something to say about the state of affairs in the stadium, which he said by hitting a 431 ft dinger that once again tied the game up for the Halos!

Mike Trout hero homer. Albert Pujols hero single. There was a pulse in this team tonight, however weak at times. Hell, even Danny Espinosa broke out of his grotesque hitless streak he’s been in lately by hitting a double. Espinosa got a double! I never thought I’d see the guy hit again.

Well, if only that pulse had been just a tad stronger, then maybe we’d have gotten a magical win after all, but no, they would let this one slip away. J.D. Martinez hit his second homer of the game off of Bud Norris, in the top of the ninth, and the Tigers had the lead once again, 4-3.

The Halos were all struck out in the bottom of the ninth, going down with the softest of whimpers, and we’ve got another loss on our hands that should have been a win. All Tigers runs came off of those three homers. The Angels were 1-5 with RISP, seven left on base. Mike Trout and Albert Pujols can’t do it all, but tonight, they tried.

Oh, and the MLB has a leader in home runs given up, and guess who it is...the Angels.

Valiant effort, fellas, but close aint good enough here.

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