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Alex Meyer was on fire, Mike Trout brought the clout and the Angels beat the Tigers 4-1 on Mother’s Day

Danny Espinosa also had a homer! This was a good game...dedicated to all those Halos moms out there!

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Angels 4 Tigers 1

The Angels know that moms are the best, and therefore they weren’t going to let some silly Detroit Tigers team not only take a series from them on Mother’s Day. Debbie Trout was probably watching from home or checking in on her phone during a nice Mother’s Day meal; Danny Espinosa’s mother may have actually been in the stadium, and any other Angels player mom out there was following along however they could.

These are some good boys, these Angels, because they played their hearts out for their moms. Awww, so sweet.

Really, this game was yet another step in the right direction, just like Friday’s game, and it showed what this team is capable of when everybody is giving all they can on the field. From pitching to hitting to defense, this was about as pleasing of a performance that this squad could have possibly given to the Halo fan matriarchy.

Mike Trout is still hot as hell. He had a homer (11th on the year) for his third game in a row, he had a stolen base and he had a sac fly. Two big runs in a low scoring game, just like what you’d expect from a difference maker like Trout. I almost want to say he’s putting up video game numbers, but even that description would be an understatement in this situation.

Danny Espinosa may be out of that slump, guys. The thing I kept reminding some despondent Angels fans this past week is the fact that Espinosa is notoriously streaky, and we’d see him become a monster at one point. Well, he doubled last night, breaking that gnarly hitless streak of his, and today he hit a home run. A hot Danny Espinosa is the type of thing that could put this team into contention.

Alex Meyer had probably the best start of his career. He went a career-high 6.1 IP, he only gave up three hits and just ONE earned run; oh, and he walked two batters to his seven strikeouts. OK, that’s the Alex Meyer that Billy Eppler had in mind when he traded Hector Santiago last season. Could Meyer be turning a corner now? Or is this just the usual rollercoaster of outcomes that he’ll always have us on? Either way, he killed it today. Great stuff.

Andrelton Simmons chipped in with an RBI single today, too, and the Angels as a whole had a good defense to back up Meyer’s good start. The offense only had those four runs (from Simba, Trout and Espinosa), which wasn’t all that bad considering they had to go against Justin Verlander today; the bullpen had yet another day of activity and another game where they did exactly what they’re tasked to do, including some more high pressure outs from David Hernandez.

Everything clicked today, and the game breezed by at a fun, loose pace, and the Angels got a series split instead of a series loss. This was all for the mothers, though. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our HH moms out there, and may we see this Halos team keep up this type of play, and may Yunel Escobar come back soon, and may Trout keep making me not believe what my eyes are seeing, and may Danny Espinosa keep on crushing.

For the moms!