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Week 6/7 Pregame Picks Review!

Week 6 Leader: telinauthour Week 7 Leader: LanaBanana Overall Leader: angelsown3417

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at New York Mets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The last two weeks have been interesting. We’ve been limping along, being hot and cold, and here we are, right at .500.

Game 37: HERE

Game 38: HERE

Game 39: HERE

Game 40: HERE

Game 41: HERE

Game 42: HERE

Game 43: HERE

Game 44: HERE

Game 45: HERE

Game 46: HERE

In Week 6, telinauthour continued a sustained dominance, pacing the field with 14 points! Patrick89 had 13, and angelsown3417 and HoustonHaloFan tied for bronze with 10 each.

The Week 6 results can be seen HERE

In Week 7, it was a bit of a slow week. LanaBanana had the gold with 10 points, spreading them throughout all contests. NorthernNeighbour took the silver with 9 behind a perfect O/U, and HoustonHaloFan had 8 points.

The Week 7 results can be seen HERE

Special shoutout: Eastbayhalo now has 6 straight weeks of 5 points each! angelsown3417 still remains in the lead in both weeks, but there are some hot on the trail! The Overall results can be seen HERE

Good luck next week!