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Pssst...tomorrow, Halos Heaven is gonna have a new look. Here’s the lowdown.

To celebrate, there is going to be a contest you don’t want to miss.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Tampa Bay Rays
“Yeah, I can’t wait for Halos Heaven’s redesign, either. Should be cool.”
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Yo, my Halos Heaven brethren, my sisters and brothers from different mothers, I’ve got some news you’re all going to LOVE. It has to do with changes to the site, and if I’ve learned anything in the untold hours I’ve spent being a regular visitor to dozens of sites out there in the interwebz, it’s that people LOVE when the powers that be go and change stuff.

Those types of changes are usually met with nothing but pats on the back, endless kudos and thanks given and a general sense of “I’m so, so glad they did this!” among the die-hard users. That warm, fuzzy, appreciative feeling is going to envelop Halos Heaven over the next few weeks, so I hope the HH community is ready!

OK, for all of you who didn’t fall into that chasm of sar, never to be heard from again, let’s get down to the deets.

There was a HaloLinks post a few weeks back in which I left a comment pointing out our site’s new logo being unveiled. The logo wasn’t all that new, it had just been tweaked a bit, but it was an SB Nation-wide aesthetic change, nonetheless.

I also took that time to point out dot-com’s new redesign (by “dot-com” I mean the mothership,, which had also just gone live that day, but I also mentioned that eventually, that redesign would come to our own front door, our bastion of love and camaraderie, our online home away from home...yep, I’m talking about Halos Heaven.

Most of you saw how dot-com looked and were not too thrilled about that look coming to HH; Eyespy even asked the important question of “is the nation now sponsored by Zubaz?” I did my best to be positive about it, and I agreed with fellow editor Stirrups that, while many of us might have strong opinions, we might as well save them til we got ourselves a gander at the new Halos Heaven design.

Well, tomorrow is the big day, when all of the SB Nation sites get the makeover, including our amazing Angels community, and, if all goes well, the site should also be faster and have better functionality. And, uhh, stuff.

You should read this post by the dot-com peeps about it, really, as opposed to me trying to explain, because I’m not Mr. Web Developer. I’m just as anxious and/or excited to see it and take it for a spin as you guys are, believe me.

To kick off the redesign launch, all SB Nation blogs are going to be getting back to basics, distilling down what it is we do and more importantly, WHY we do it; we’re going to ask the question “Why are you a fan?”, because that’s what it’s all about, right? I try to make Halos Heaven, more than anything else, the voice of the fan.

This is the cool part of tomorrow’s big to-do: I’m going to have a piece go up about why I’m a fan of the Angels, and you’ll see similar pieces on every other site throughout the day.

But wait! There’s more! That’ll be more of an opening salvo, a shot from my blogging starter pistol, to get you guys thinking about why YOU are fans of the Angels. I’ll open things up, and then I’m going to want YOU guys to write Fanposts about why YOU chose this radical team from Los Angeles, by way of Anaheim and/or Los Angeles, to follow throughout your whole life, through ups and downs, through No Trout to TROUT!!

You don’t have to write a Fanpost, though, don’t worry. It’s completely optional...of course, if you don’t write a Fanpost, then you will not be entered to win a $500 gift card to Fanatics. WAIT, WHA?!?!

Yep, I have an ulterior motive for wanting you guys to write up your “Why are you a fan?” Fanpost, and that’s because SB Nation is having a contest where they’ll take all the Fanposts written from all the participating SB Nation blogs and then randomly pick one user out of that bunch who will WIN A $500 FANATICS GIFT CARD.

So, just something to think about, party people! Here’s the link to the rules and details of the Fanpost contest. Get acquainted with them, and get to thinking and/or writing, and tomorrow, we can begin posting them. Hey, it’s a shot to get a lot of money that could buy a lot of dope swag, and all you gotta do is write about why you love the Halos. That’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind, if you ask me.

So, that’s all I got for now. Thanks for your time, and I’ll see you all tomorrow when the site has it’s new coat of paint. Fingers crossed it looks killer! Either way, our Halos Heaven will go on, and keep being the most badass Angels blog and THE #1 ONLINE ANGELS COMMUNITY. Team Blog of Destiny!