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Week 8 Pregame Picks Review!

Week 8 Leader: 4 ways! Overall Leader: angelsown3417

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Miami Marlins
Will we miss him?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Two months into the season already? That’s crazy. Time’s been moving by so quickly. Guess the fact that we don’t have any off days might contribute to that. Well, we finished off that road trip with a disastrous loss in Game 53.

Game 53: HERE

In Week 8, we had a 4-way tie at the top! With an amazingly lucky 13 points each, we had telinauthour, steelgolf, tanana40, and TopicGenieApp! Ant Fan rounded out the Top 5 with 12 points.

The Week 8 results can be seen HERE

angelsown3417 still remains in the lead, but the lead shrinks to as small as it has ever been! The Overall results can be seen HERE

Good luck next week!