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MondoLinks: Thumbs down. Trout wounded.

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The Halos tanked their way through one of the easiest parts of their entire schedule, and come home with a wounded Trout.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Let's get it over with right away.

Mike trout stole a base. Slid headfirst and jammed his thumb. Sliding headfirst is how one does that more often than the other ways to slide into a base. The replay kinda makes it clear that any slide at all was totally unnecessary, but that happening behind Trout's back and there is no such thing as a second base coach. He came out of the game and off to MRI land. The X-ray results results came back negative. No fractures. Serious sprain. So Trout will be out for a while. Then he will be back too early. Then he will play poorly for an extended time pretending everything is totally fine. Then he will be fine and it will kick in and he will resume being Mike Trout. Who's got the over/under on July 15th?

And this ends a seriously mucky road trip. They just spent 10 games against some pretty crappy competition and limp home 4 and 6. Pretty miserable effort.

Braves tonight. I am on vacation. We are short and sweet. Before you go outside and enjoy the weather, dig some Memorial Day Links:

A Little Bit of Angels News

Albert Pujols: Mister Not-April-or-May..........

Interesting turnabout from Saturday. After Trout's 4-bagger missile, the High Heat guy tweeted, aghast at the call. I presume he was miffed about the use of the word "literally". He wondered "who is the dumbass announcer..."......Then he found out that it was Gooby, and his "...head literally exploded". Because, you know, clever grammar cock and all. And that inspired High Heat guy to reach out to Gooby and ask him a question he always wanted to ask......And, ever the "dumbass", Gubicza graciously answered..........

Josh Mayhood's Library of Mike Trout Hagiography

The Mets are using Mike Trout video as a training aid for Lucas Duda. That would be for Mike's hitting approach, not his sliding techniques.........Are the Angels lucky to have Trout? Kinda. A few other teams had the chance to take him. But the rest of the roster sucking is no accident. That's not "unluck"...........Just wanna say, that Trout homer Saturday night was the hardest hit home run by anybody this season.............


Everywhere In Baseball

Bryce Harper, Mr. Anti-Inspirational warns kids that participation trophies are for losers. Easy for Harper to say.  Even though he has failed to win the World Series so far, he has already walked away with 12 million, 650 thousand little participation trophies.........

One of the many reasons that Mike Trout has so little support around him is now up in Seattle, with similar results............

What is this voodoo of which FanGraphs writes? How is it even legal for a Joey Votto to play the game of Major League Baseball and not strike out like a drunken sailor?..............

Rob Manfred chasing younger audiences and international audiences with streaming options. This is starting to smell like forcing a nick-name. The harder you try the more silly and disconnected you appear. Maybe he should hook up with Pokemon.............


The Duffle Bag

Rest In Peace, Jim Bunning..........Fenway security guard just can't keep his instincts from taking over, and snags a foul ball. Luckily for that young girl paying no attention whatsoever there on the steps...............I'm kinda thinking that girl's softball might have a flaw there with how close the mound is.............Oh, yeah. Aaron Judge is back in Yankee Stadium with that absurdly short right-field fence.............Baseball should be fun. Just don't try to be funny...........Tommy Lasorda is home from the hospital and resting. He needed to have his pacemaker replaced............


Jordan Serena Destiny Watch

Not much to report with Serena. He hadn't played since Thursday..........