2017 MLB Draft: Consensus Rankings Big Board

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Year Four of an emerging Halos Heaven tradition – the synthetic consensus of 15 high-profile June mock drafts!

The philosophy and process are identical to last year (read more about that here), and Rahul has done a great job of highlighting some of the names connected with the Halos via the rumor pool of late. All the big prospect hounds fold into the nest: Callis and Mayo, Law and Longenhagen, Manuel and Minor League Ball.

Below are the 75 picks slotted to be announced Monday evening on MLB Network at 4pm PST.

Remember – these aren't predictions! It's an attempt to synthesize the "best player available" from a chorus of experts, and a way to follow along as the strategies play out in real time.

Slot Player Team Level & Position Raw Rank
1 Kyle Wright Minnesota Twins College RHP 1.79
2 Hunter Greene Cincinnati Reds HS RHP/SS 1.79
3 Brendan McKay San Diego Padres College LHP/1B 3.21
4 MacKenzie Gore Tampa Bay Rays HS LHP 3.93
5 Royce Lewis Atlanta Braves HS SS/OF 4.43
6 Adam Haseley Oakland Athletics College OF 7.86
7 Austin Beck Arizona Diamondbacks HS OF 8.36
8 J.B. Bukauskas Philadelphia Phillies College RHP 8.93
9 Pavin Smith Milwaukee Brewers College 1B 9.21
10 Jordon Adell Los Angeles Angels HS OF 10.08
11 Jeren Kendall Chicago White Sox College OF 11.57
12 Shane Baz Pittsburgh Pirates HS RHP 12.50
13 D.L. Hall Miami Marlins HS LHP 13.71
14 Alex Faedo Kansas City Royals College RHP 14.50
15 Nick Pratto Houston Astros HS 1B 17.46
16 David Peterson New York Yankees College LHP 17.64
17 Jake Burger Seattle Mariners College 3B 18.14
18 Trevor Rogers Detroit Tigers HS LHP 18.31
19 Keston Hiura San Francisco Giants College 2B/LF 19.00
20 Griffin Canning New York Mets College RHP 19.62
21 Logan Warmoth Baltimore Orioles College SS 20.92
22 Evan White Toronto Blue Jays College 1B/OF 21.14
23 Nate Pearson Los Angeles Dodgers JC RHP 22.83
24 Bubba Thompson Boston Red Sox HS OF 24.08
25 Tanner Houck Washington Nationals College RHP 24.54
26 Sam Carlson Texas Rangers HS RHP 25.00
27 Nick Allen Chicago Cubs College SS 27.55
28 Alex Lange Toronto Blue Jays College RHP 28.17
29 Blayne Enlow Texas Rangers HS RHP 28.50
30 Heliot Ramos Chicago Cubs HS OF 28.83
31 Seth Romero Tampa Bay Rays College LHP 29.25
32 Mark Vientos Cincinnati Reds HS SS/3B 33.67
33 Brendon Little Oakland Athletics JC LHP 34.17
34 Drew Waters Milwaukee Brewers HS OF 35.00
35 Hans Crouse Minnesota Twins HS RHP 35.20
36 Matt Sauer Miami Marlins HS RHP 35.75
37 Tristen Lutz Minnesota Twins HS OF 36.14
38 Clarke Schmidt Cincinnati Reds College RHP 40.29
39 Tanner Burns San Diego Padres HS RHP 41.20
40 Tristan Beck Tampa Bay Rays College RHP 41.83
41 Brian Miller Atlanta Braves College OF 42.40
42 Brent Rooker Pittsburgh Pirates College OF/DH 43.40
43 Jeter Downs Oakland Athletics HS SS 44.17
44 Stuart Fairchild Arizona Diamondbacks College OF 44.60
45 Steven Jennings Philadelphia Phillies HS RHP 46.40
46 Conner Uselton Milwaukee Brewers HS OF 47.40
47 Quentin Holmes Los Angeles Angels HS OF 49.00
48 Chris Seise Colorado Rockies HS SS 49.20
49 Wil Crowe Chicago White Sox College RHP 49.40
50 Hagen Danner Pittsburgh Pirates HS RHP/C 50.50
51 Michael Mercado Miami Marlins HS RHP 51.40
52 Cole Brannen Kansas City Royals HS OF 53.00
53 Jacob Heatherly Houston Astros HS LHP 53.50
54 Kevin Merrell New York Yankees College SS 54.67
55 Corbin Martin Seattle Mariners College RHP 55.20
56 Ryan Vilade Houston Astros HS 3B 55.20
57 Luis Campusano Detroit Tigers HS C 55.20
58 MJ Melendez San Francisco Giants HS C 55.50
59 Alex Scherff New York Mets HS RHP 58.25
60 Garrett Mitchell Baltimore Orioles HS OF 58.25
61 Brady McConnell Toronto Blue Jays HS SS 59.00
62 Blaine Knight Los Angeles Dodgers College RHP 61.80
63 Drew Rasmussen Boston Red Sox College RHP 62.00
64 Drew Ellis Cleveland Indians College 3B 62.50
65 James Marinan Washington Nationals HS RHP 62.80
66 Gavin Sheets Texas Rangers College 1B 64.80
67 Bryce Bonnin Chicago Cubs HS RHP 66.67
68 Greg Deichmann Arizona Diamondbacks College OF/3B 66.80
69 Mason House San Diego Padres HS OF 66.80
70 Kyle Hurt Colorado Rockies HS RHP 67.75
71 J.J. Matijevic Cleveland Indians College 1B 68.33
72 Caden Lemons Pittsburgh Pirates HS RHP 68.75
73 Daniel Cabrera Kansas City Royals HS OF 69.00
74 Riley Adams Baltimore Orioles College C 69.33
75 Jacob Pearson Houston Astros HS OF 70.20

I offer some personal thoughts on where the Angels might go in this post thread comment. Since that time, Griffin Canning has been reported to have poor medicals, so expect the Angels to pass on him in round one if the rumors are true.

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