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2017 MLB Draft: Angels select Jordon Adell (OF) 10th overall

Adell was one of the best overall athletes in the draft

Not only was it not a catcher, but the Angels selected a great toolsy outfielder with huge upside. Jordan “Jo” Adell has a great combination of power, speed, and arm strength, along with excellent fielding skills.

If you didn’t see it, Rahul already did a write up on Adell here. It also wasn’t a big surprise, as the Angels had been tied to Adell and many experts picked him to go in the 1st round to the Halos.

Adell is a senior at Ballard High in Louisville. He has committed to play baseball for the University of Louisville, but it’s unlikely he will go that route at this point.

According to, Adell has the following scouting grades:

Scouting grades: Hit: 45 | Power: 55 | Run: 65 | Arm: 60 | Field: 60 | Overall: 50

The 10th pick comes with a bonus value of $4,376,800 but it will remain to be seen exactly what Adell will sign for.

This is a pretty exciting pick for the Angels and if Adell’s hit took can come around, he will make a huge impact in the system and some day - at the big league level.

Stay tuned for more coverage and analysis on Adell - as well as the rest of the Angels top picks for 2017!