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Angels lose to Royals 3-1, biggest whatever dude ever, dude

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Royals 3

The Angels can’t beat the Royals. If you thought last night’s game was tough, then you must have been thrilled to see tonight’s matchup. It was over quickly, and the Angels have still not beaten Kansas City this year. They’ve scored a total of six runs in the five games they’ve played each other.

You want to know what happened in tonight’s game? Well, Ian Kennedy had a perfect game going for a bunch of innings, until Cliff Pennington hit a solo homer off of him. That was just one of three hits the Halos would have in this game, and it was the only run they’d score.

Jesse Chavez pitched 7.0 innings, gave up nine hits and two runs, and the Royals also got a run off of Keynan Middleton, a home run, naturally.

That’s what happened in this game. It was just like all the other games they’ve lost to the Royals this year. What can this team do to actually beat these guys? Especially after winning two series in a row against some heavy hitters like Houston and New York.

Biggest whatever dude, ever, dude.