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Eppler continues trying to MacGyver together a roster as the Angels sign Michael Bourn

Bourn was signed to a minor league contract

MLB: AL Wild Card-Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Quick - you have a paperclip, a pencil, and a stick of gum - and you have to get yourself out of a tricky situation. This MacGyvering is what Eppler has been doing since he took the reigns as Angels GM. With limited resources and a rash or injuries, he does the best he can. The latest? The Bourn Identity.

Bourn hasn’t played in the majors this year and was released by the Orioles minor league affiliate Aberdeen IronBirds last week. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Amirite?

Salt Lake has already lost Shane Robinson and Eric Young Jr. to the major league roster and the Angels have Mike Trout AND Cameron Maybin on the DL. So why not?

Bourn has been assigned to the Salt Lake Bess and will likely get a big league shot if something happens to Revere, Robinson, or EYJ. He’s the starting center fielder for the Bees tonight.

Once upon a time, Bourn was a great player and he even has 2 Gold Gloves and two All Star nods to prove it. Of course neither of those have happened since 2012.

Bourn has been tossed around like a hot potato lately and with the Diamondback and Orioles last year, he racked up 413 AB while hitting .264 with a .314 OBP. He also hit 5 homers and stole 15 bases.

Bourn is a depth move and not much else, but it begs the question - how long will Cameron Maybin be out and what are Eppler and Scioscia’s plans for the barely playing Ben Revere?