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Angels starter J.C. Ramirez gave up three 2-run HRs in ugly 11-5 loss to Twins

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 5 Twins 11

J.C. Ramirez has been a revelation this season, as we’ve watched the afterthought reliever transform into a completely viable, and sometimes absolutely electric, starting rotation member for an Angels team that desperately needed arms. He has not been without his fair share of ups and downs, however; as much as we like to think of him as an ace of the staff after one of his dominant outings, he has shown us a less appealing side, too.

Tonight was a good example of the less appealing side, but to be fair to Ramirez, the Minnesota Twins hitters aren’t really a cakewalk, and tonight, the guy we like to call “J.Cy.” was reduced to “J.Why?”

Ramirez’s story in this Friday night slaughter is fairly easy to tell: The guy made too many mistakes against a team that has the talent to make you pay for said mistakes. The Halos’ flamethrower must have been all out of fuel, and by the time he was pulled from the game, he had given up SEVEN RUNS already while only getting 13 outs on the board. That’s rough.

How’d they pile up like that? He allowed a staggering THREE separate 2-run dingers, which tends to make you have a bad evening. From there, things just got worse and worse, the Angels relievers not really doing any better and Minnesota kept crossing the plate.

It got ugly, then uglier; not a good Friday night for everybody involved. That is two games in a row that they’ve lost to the AL Central upstarts, and they’ve still got two more games against them to go. Time to suck it up, and get some work done, Halos. Or, at the very least, Albert Pujols could do us a solid and get home run #600, so our weekend baseball isn’t completely ruined.


The Big A had “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys tonight during the 7th inning stretch. I know a ton of you guys have always championed “California Girls” as the stretch song, and tonight, we got the closest we’ve ever been to that dream coming true.