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Cameron Maybin is a bad, bad man & the Halos absolutely embarrass the lowly Yankees

Today isn’t Tuesday. It’s TODsday, and on this TODsday, the Angels made mince meat of the Yankees in 8-3 victory.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Angels 8 Yankees 3

The Angels went into this game with an 11-0 record in Tuesday games so far in 2017, and after watching this team kick the crap out of the AL East top dog Yankees, IN YANKEE STADIUM, I now declare that Tuesday shall henceforth be referred to as “TODsday”.

As you all know, this year’s Angels squad is a mystical, charmed and powerful Team of Destiny, and the day of the week where they always win, no matter how much odds are against them, deserves some official recognition.

The Yankees just played the Angels at the Big A a week ago, and thankfully the home team was victorious in that series, much to the dismay of New York’s fickle, front running fans. Tonight, the Halos went into the Yankees’ home and kicked off their road trip by picking up right where they left off last Thursday, unleashing a masterclass in murking and mashing baseballs.

The master of ceremonies for this mesmerizing menace was Mr. Cameron Maybin, as he gave us yet another HUGE multi-hit night, this time 3-5, with two runs scored, two RBIs and those three hits he had included a homer and a double. This dude was ferocious, adding on to the torrid offensive stretch he’s been on for the past month or so. Maybin is showing no signs of relenting, and when the Angels have a leadoff hitter this deadly, whether at the plate or on the base paths, only good things will follow.

I’m talking good things like Kole Calhoun, Albert Pujols, Luis Valbuena and Yunel Escobar all having two hits apiece (Valbuena even hit a nice dinger to center field!). The Halos would have 14 hits total by the time the game was over, and they scored eight runs from those 14 hits. That’s an unabashed kick to the Yankees’ teeth, make no mistake. The Tuesday mojo was in full effect tonight, and it is real. TODsday is real.

There was a point when things looked a little scary, though, I’ll admit. It definitely wasn’t due to the offense, though. It was more the pitching...and said pitching allowing home runs. Yep, that old chestnut.

I’ve got to hand it to Parker Bridwell, tonight’s Angels starter; that dude really tries to make the most of every start, and why not? We’re never really sure what the Halos’ starting pitching situation is going to look like from week to week, so there’s no guaranteed consistency for Mr. Bridwell getting some games to start. Like I said, though, he does his best to make hay while that starting pitcher sun is shining, and tonight we got another solid evening from one of 2017’s pleasant surprises.

Bridwell wasn’t in Beast Mode, but he was in That’ll Do Just Fine Mode, going 5.0 innings pitched, giving up just two runs off of two hits in that span. That’s pretty rad, right?! Well, the rub is that he gave up five walks, so you have to take the good with the bad, I guess. At one point, after three innings, he even had a no-hitter...but he also had four walks, too. Still, he went five innings and allowed two Yankee Stadium...that’s a job well done.

The offensive explosion gave him a three-run cushion from early on (thanks to some singles from Pujols and Calhoun and a double from Danny Espinosa), and the 2017 Angels are actually unbeaten when up 3+ runs coming into tonight’s game, so there’s even more mojo (on top of it being TODsday) for Bridwell. Yet, he would give up a sac fly, and then a homer to Aaron Judge, making it 3-2 Angels by the time he was pulled after five innings.

Bridwell giving up a homer to Judge isn’t surprising...hell, ANY Halos hurler giving up a homer isn’t surprising. Unless it’s Blake Parker we’re talking about, who hadn’t given up a dinger in 19 games. Well, that is until tonight, when he gave up a solo blast one inning after Judge’s HR, and the game was suddenly tied up.

Was the TODsday mojo in trouble? They were up 3+ runs, too, so how could they lose?!?!

Well, they couldn’t. They’re the Team of Destiny, remember? Duh. As soon as the Yankees tied things up, the Angels and MC Maybin kept up the pressure, and kept on crushing baseballs, all while their bullpen settled in and made mince meat of the Bronx Bums (Keynan Middleton struck out Aaron Judge on a 100 MPH pitch, for instance. Damnnnnnnnnn).

Did you actually think they may lose at that point? No, you didn’t, because you know this is the Team of Destiny, playing on TODsday, and there is no way they’d ever lose in that scenario. Here’s to TODsday. May the Halos play all their games on TODsday, so that we shall never have to taste the bitterness of defeat ever again.