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J.C Ramirez shows resiliency & Angels strike back in Fenway with 6-3 win over Red Sox

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Red Sox 3

Last night was bunk, but tonight was fire, and I am pleased. The Angels won a game in Fenway, but not only did they merely get the W, but they did it in convincing fashion, subduing the universally-hated Red Sox 6-3.

This is good, because tonight, while my fiance is out with her friends doing the bachelorette party thing (we’re getting married in a little over two weeks), I’m at home doing the bachelor party thing. The only difference is her’s involves going to Hollywood with friends to see some hunks, and mine consisted of watching the Angels game while eating a burger, and now I’ll watch Kong: Skull Island, all by myself. Party!!!!

I’ll have an Angels victory to chew on, however, so my rager has already kicked into overdrive, party people! Yep, I don’t need no club, or weird hazing rituals, or adult entertainment of any kind; I just wanted the Angels to beat up on the Red Sox and then watch my movie. One down, one to go. I live in the fast lane.

J.C Ramirez had the type of game tonight that every fan was hoping we’d see, as he shook off that early burnout start a few days ago against the Royals and showed us the Ramirez that is in total control, with the power and precision to back it up. He’d finish with 6.0 innings pitched, with four hits, just one earned run and, most importantly, five strikeouts to zero walks. I remember this Ramirez! This is the Ramirez I like.

The Halos, meanwhile, were slicing and dicing with flair and silencing the boorish Boston pink hats; Eric Young, Jr and Cameron Maybin had big, RBI doubles off of David Price, and Martin Maldonado and Kole Calhoun added important RBI singles, as well (the former was in the very first inning, the latter happened in the top of the ninth). They got six runs total off of nine hits, while the Red Sox struggled to get their four lousy hits. They got two hits total after the second inning, in case you needed evidence that Ramirez and the relievers really dug in and decided to make a stand in this brawl.

The Red Sox didn’t have the mojo of Big Papi this evening, thankfully, because if they were going to Buttercup us, it’d have been in the ninth, when Cam Bedrosian got into a huge jam but Blake Parker got the team out of it, eventually, shutting the chowds down with the winning run at the plate. In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, “HA HA!”.

The Halos can be perplexing, but in a good, interesting kind of way. They make some bad choices in games, and will sometimes forget to show up altogether, it seems, but then they’ll be back to playing how they did tonight, showing us all a squad that has enough heart to hang with the best of them. They’ve made a nice habit out of beating top teams recently, and they’re now poised to take another series from a front-running team. That would be a dream come true, and it’d make my amazing, one-man-watching-television bachelor party even MORE memorable...if that’s even possible.

I’m going to enjoy this one, believe you me.