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Parker Bridwell & Kaleb Cowart are latest surprise Halos heroes, Angels get huge series win in Boston

The Angels took down the Red Sox 4-2, and the Team of Destiny season was in full effect.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 4 Red Sox 2

The Angels are the perfect team for Parker Bridwell. Their ability to comeback and hang in during rough games, against the league’s toughest opponents, and remain competitive without Mike Trout in the lineup is a thing of mystery and wonder. Parker Bridwell is also a thing of mystery and wonder.

This kid, Bridwell, has now had two MLB road starts, and they’ve both been in some hostile territory: Yankee Stadium and Fenway. He slayed both of those beasts, and legend of Parker Bridwell grows even more, on the back of a series finale win against a top AL team. This kid and this team are truly a match made in heaven, put together by the genius matchmaker himself, Billy Eppler.

Today, Bridwell absolutely glided through the Boston lineup without one walk in all of his 6.2 innings pitched, and two earned runs on seven hits. He was so streamlined and efficient that he only needed 63 pitches to get through six innings. He would give up some runs on two solo homers, which proves that the home run bug can get even the sharpest of pitchers to glitch at least once in a game.

The surprises didn’t stop with Bridwell, though. The fresh-from-a-red-eye-flight Kaleb Cowart, who was up to play third while Yunel Escobar nurses a sore thumb, continued the hot streak he’d been on in AAA and had himself one hell of a game. He had two big hits: An RBI double in the second, and an RBI single in the ninth. So he goes 2-3 with two big time, clutch hits, and also gets a walk and flashed some highlight reel leather at the hot corner?

I can’t say I’m surprised, as this is totally what I’ve come to expect from the Team of Destiny. That doesn’t mean I’m not bewildered by them, especially when they knock down yet another AL hot shot, in their houses, but it’s a bewilderment that I enjoy; it makes me firmly in the moment, aware, realizing I’m seeing some magical shit right now, and thinking “These guys could be really, really good.”

All Halos-related mysticism aside, they really did put together a very encouraging and intriguing victory today. They had a starter do some precise pitching, their bullpen pitched exactly like the deadly unit described in so many articles recently (Blake Parker and Yusmeiro Petit combined to bottle up Boston in the game’s remaining innings), you saw offense from a head-turning Cowart, a three hit day from Ben Revere, and some nice hitting from Luis Valbuena and Juan Graterol.

That’s the unexpected recipe of a legitimately noteworthy road series win. That’s another statement, which they’ve been making a lot of lately. People are beginning to listen, but they are still not sure what to make of what this team can do. Sometimes, I can relate, believe me. For the most part, though, I know better; I know it’s just a Team of Destiny doing Team of Destiny things.

It can be confusing, and quite the rollercoaster ride, but man is it ever a rush. Imagine what they could do with a guy like Mike Trout on their team?