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It’s Friday. Friday. Halos gotta go down 10-0 to Mariners on Friday.

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Everybody hopes it’s not a rough weekend, weekend.

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Angels 0 Mariners 10

Ok, so maybe this was a bad choice for my Friday entertainment. I must have still been riding that emotional high from that pulse-pounding Dodgers series and the road series wins over New York and Boston. I was just not prepared to watch the Angels get smoked like they did, giving up 17 runs to the visiting Mariners, and dropping the holiday series opener by a whopping 10-0 tally.

Hopefully, you made a better choice on this Friday night. While the anxiety-inducing noise of the neighborhood’s fireworks enthusiasts setting displaying their itchy 4th of July trigger finger, angering dog and man alike, I had to watch the Angels get their butts kicked up and down the field. Oh, and I had to do so while everybody in the stadium sported a star spangled and Angels logo-adorned straw cowboy hat, cringey enough that Vince Neil himself would admit to being too embarrassed to rock it in public.

That’s cruel, even for an Angels team that once subjected us to “Buttercup” for 135 years...that’s how long it was, right? Or does it just seem that way? Whatever...

Parker Bridwell was not the dark horse hero that we’d enjoyed watching emerge in his last few starts, but instead, he got sliced and diced and chewed up and spit out, just like that poorly-cooked piece of chicken the chef gave me the last time I was at Benihana’s . Sure, he went 6.0 innings. That’s useable, but he also gave up 11 hits and five runs, all earned. Yes, he gave up homers; it was to Mike Zunino, a solo shot, and then a multi-run blast later on.


The Angels still had Yusmeiro Petit and recently-called up Brooks Pounders, although they both downed a bottle of turpentine in the bullpen and then went out and urinated all over Bridwell’s brush fire. Those two relievers allowed another five runs; two for Petit and three for Pounders. Both would give up back-breaking dingers, too, one of which was multi-run, the other was a solo shot, and the Angels were down 10-0 at the Big A.

That’s disgusting. Four homers, 17 hits total. All while the Angels offense managed to stroke five hits and that’s about it. Man, what a friday night. Pfffffft. Not what I was expecting, but I guess I should know better. Oh well, ToD has built-in ups and downs, it’s part of it’s wild and awe-inspiring charm.

Still...10-0?!?!?!?!? C’MONNNNNNNN!!