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Mike Trout talks about his thumb injury, his timetable to return, the All Star Game & more

“It was just a freak thing.” Trout held his first presser since the thumb injury yesterday, providing insight into a guy who has never been injured before in his life.

Yesterday, we finally got to hear from Mike Trout regarding his recent thumb injury, and the ensuing surgery. He was already out of surgery by Thursday, and was back at the Big A to watch Albert Pujols potentially make history with his 600th dinger. While we all marveled at how much of a cool, stand up guy Trout is to forego any pain or discomfort just so he could see his buddy accomplish a big goal, we hadn’t really heard from him on it.

Trout rectified that in a presser on Saturday, talking to media about how it happened (“That’s just the chance you take when you slide in head first”) and how he was not really used to heading to the, AT ALL (“I’ve never torn anything or broke anything, ever. It’s frustrating. The rest of my body feels good, it’s just my thumb doesn’t work.”).

Trout also brought up the confidence he has in the procedure that was done, as well as the doctor performing the procedure, as well as bringing up the fact that Andrelton Simmons had just gone through the same thing last year (“With Simmons, it took five weeks, which (for me) would be huge, but we’ll see”).

It’s pretty remarkable, his career, what he’s done so far...I think the biggest thing is 600. That’s special”, Trout added, when asked about what Albert Pujols was going after in those games he was missing.

There’s lot of other stuff in this clip, too, as Trout answers a bunch of other questions regarding his timetable to return, the All Star Game, his rehab outlook, his thoughts on playing through pain and getting ready to come back and finishing the season strong.

If you’ve been missing Mike Trout on your screen lately, then put this on and see if it does anything towards quelling your Trout withdrawls.