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Angels fail to get a runner to second base in a comically bad 4-0 loss to Tigers

No-name pitchers continue turning into Cy Young candidates, but only when they face the Halos.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 0 Tigers 4

Games like these often make one ask tough questions about the road ahead, evoking questions such as are the Angels wasting Alex Meyer’s prime? Is it difficult to win when a team scores less than their opponent? Are the Halos obligated to give up a minimum of one dinger per game?

Let’s start with the bright side before descending into despair, though. Despite allowing baserunners in nearly every inning, Alex Meyer had one of his best outings of his career, surrendering 0 earned runs and striking out a career-best 9 batters despite exceptionally poor fastball command. He issued four walks and hit Ian Kinsler on the helmet, but somehow only gave up a single over six innings. But hey, no dingers allowed! He lowered his ERA to a respectable 4.04, his FIP sitting at 4.12. The Angels will take this outing every time from Meyer, thank you very much.

On the flip side, Buck Farmer came into the game with a 6.33 ERA, yet tossed a fantastic 6.2 scoreless innings, allowing only three singles and a walk to stifle the Angels’ Troutless lineup.

Yunel Escobar fumbled a baseball hit to third that probably should have been a double play in the third inning, but instead it loaded the bases. Meyer got a double play but a run scored, and even though Justin Upton’s 3-R HR off Petit later in the game, the game was mostly decided at that point.

The Angels failed in epic proportions on the offensive side. Not only did they score no runs, they didn’t even get a runner to second base! Nope, they had multiple GIDP’s, strikeouts, and flyouts, unable to advance runners.

It was a night to forget for the Angels offense. Let’s hope these players have a short memory.