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Ricky Nolasco shutting out the Mariners is the perfect end to a beautiful summer day

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The Angels won 4-0 behind Nolasco, who is tapped into the universe and the Halosphere on cosmic levels that we’ll never understand.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 4 Mariners 0

The holiday weekend is in full swing, and that means we got to see some Mariners/Angels action, with stars and stripes adorning every uniform, fireworks going off in your neighborhood as you try to watch the game; the air was thick with the quintessential summer feeling, which means our love of, and thirst for, Angels baseball was at heightened levels this evening at the Big A.

Ricky Nolasco must be tuned in to the heartbeat of the universe and/or the Halosphere, because he managed to slake our thirst for the perfect end to a sunny, July 4th weekend day by pitching a masterful complete game shutout against Seattle. Last night never happened. The Angels, led behind the rising and surprising Nolasco, are back to altering our perception of MLB reality.

How’s this for a line in the box score: 9.0 IP/ 3 H/ 0 R/ 0 ER/ 0 BB/ 7 K. He only had four baserunners all night. He worked the corners like a sniper, he had a slider that would have made T. Rex proud. He used everything in his quiver, with myriad combinations, and the Mariners were helpless. Ricky Nolasco has caught fire, if you look at his last few starts, and just like so many of the position players as of late, we’re finally seeing the Nolasco that Halos fans predicted would show up in 2017. Better late than never.

The Big A crowd got to witness something pretty cool tonight, with the first shutout by an Angels pitcher since 8/31/2016, and it was thrown by...Ricky Nolasco. See? Told you it was cool. On top of that, they got to cheer some nice hitting from Cameron Maybin, or Luis Valbuena. They were able to scream their lungs out as Andrelton Simmons slugged yet another biscuit, this one a solo shot, with Simba all akimbo.

The Angels ended up with a 4-0 role reversal on their visiting guests, led by a guy who, just a few starts ago, seemingly existed to provide baseball content farmers with some long ball highlights. Now, though, Ricky Nolasco is in some kind of zone, where he taps into the pure spirit of summer, and a country in r&r mode, and makes all of our wishes come true. Team of Destiny, indeed.