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JCy Who? Angels wildcard hopes continue to slip

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Ramirez was a bit off and and Alex Cobb was locked WAY in as the Angels are still winless in the second half

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Angel REALLY needed a series win to stay relevant in the wild card hunt, but instead went quietly into that good night. Where is Dylan Thomas when you need him?

Alex Cobb and his funky-ass leg motion delivery had over a career 6+ ERA against the Angels, but of course the lethargic 2017 Angels made him look like a superstar - averaging just over 10 pitches per inning through the first 5.

I wasn’t able to watch the first few innings of this game as I was out drinking with friends. But guess what? I didn’t miss anything. Maybin is still looking like the April version of himself (ie. lost at the plate), Trout is still awesome and Pujols is still old. Maybe the alcohol made me cynical but not a damn thing happened for the Angels in the first part of this game. Oh, unless your name is JC Ramirez in which case something sure did happen including 4 runs and a homerun through the first 4 innings. Great? Nope. Not really when your offense scores 1-3 runs per game.

The Angels threatened very briefly in the 5th inning with runners on 1st and 2nd after an infield hit by the GOAT, but then PooHoles came to the plate and hit a weak as ground ball to third base, ending the so called “threat”. So glad he has great “clutch” stats. Amirite???

This game was one big giant turd - including in the 7th inning when the GOAT COMPLETELY missed a fly ball and had NO IDEA where it was. These things happen ever to the best of players but this one in the 7th was just the icing on the cake of this forgettable game.

Surprisingly, Luis Valbuena supplied all the fireworks in this game with a pair or home runs and 3 RBIs (all of them), but those 3 runs were not enough and the Angels dropped game 2 of this 3 game set - sealing a series loss and falling 4 games back in the wild card hunt. The schedule won’t get any easier as the Angels are set to play 8 games against the Nationals, Red Sox, and Indians staring on Tueaday.

Happy Saturday everyone. Let the drinking commence.