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Alex Meyer threw a 1-hit gem, Mike Trout homered and the Angels toasted the Nats 7-0

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This is the type of game that I like to watch, if we’re being totally honest.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 7 Nationals 0

These are the good type of games.

The games where C.J. Cron, Yunel Escobar and CLIFF PENNINGTON (!!??) had multi-hit nights are always fun.

The games where the Angels score five or more runs are also amazing, for the most part. That type of game hadn’t been seen since June 24th, but tonight, the Angels scored 5+ runs. SEVEN RUNS, in fact.

Mike Trout had a home run, it was his 18th of the season. Games in which Mike Trout homers are games that I typically enjoy. Tonight’s game fit that bill, for sure.

Alex Meyer, when he decides to smoke fools from the mound, is a sight to behold. He throws hard, and he gets them whiffs. He doesn’t always smoke fools, though. When he doesn’t, the games are rough. When he’s in the zone, I too am in the zone. Tonight, me and Meyer were in the zone. Seven innings pitched, just one hit. ONE HIT IN SEVEN INNINGS.

The Angels had been trudging along in their two series since coming back from all star break, and out of all the types of Halos games we typically see, “Total ass-kicking shutout” was the one type of game that they needed the most. They needed it to get the blood going, to get that ToD momentum churning. The fans needed it to wake them from their middling baseball-induced coma.

Tonight, we got a total ass-kicking shutout, behind some really good hitting, a Mike Trout home run, some good defense, and an absolute gem from Slender Man Alex Meyer...oh, and BRYCE HARPER DIDN’T EVEN GET ON BASE!!! LOL!!! (yes, he didn’t play in tonight’s game, but still!)

Yep. This was a badass game. Welcome to the second half, Angels.