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J.C. Ramirez’s valiant effort not enough to keep Angels from getting swept by Indians

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In the series finale, Cleveland takes down the Halos 2-1.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Indians 2

Well, if this is how today’s dose of Halos baseball was going to end up all along, then I suppose I will count my blessings that it was over and out of the way before lunchtime (on the west coast, that is). The series finale in Cleveland got underway a little after 9:00am PST, and was done just before noon PST, leaving us with yet another close-but-oh-so-far-away result. This time, though, it came with the feeling of broom bristles on the Halos’ backs as they were swept out of Progressive Field and sent packing for Minnesota.

J.C. Ramirez pitched admirably in today’s start, where he’d give the Angels six or more innings while allowing two runs or less (his 10th start out of 20 this season where he would accomplish such a goal). Ramirez would end up going 6.2 IP, with five hits and two runs allowed (both earned). There was little room for error, and yet Ramirez toed that dangerous line with confidence. Now, if only the Angels’ batters could have given the same level of tenacity.

Today’s Indians starter, Trevor Bauer, had a 8-8 record and an ERA over 5.00 going into this morning’s showdown, but the Halos made him look way more studly than his Baseball Ref page shows, that’s for sure. He threw 8.0 IP, giving up seven hits and just ONE measly run allowed (he also K’d six), effectively bottling up any potential for an Angels win today.

Going 1-7 with runners in scoring position didn’t exactly help the visiting Angels’ chances, either. Oh, and Albert Pujols went 0-4, giving him a glaring goose egg in the H column for this trip to Cleveland, which is inexcusable. There were other guys that did their best to damage the team’s momentum or scoring chances, but Pujols did it THE ENTIRE SERIES, whether it was the second inning or a late-inning AB that could have changed the entire outcome. Hey, he’s consistent, at least, right? /barf

For the first time in 2017, the Angels are now five games UNDER .500, and baseball is not treating them well ever since they came back from the mid-season break. They’ll now board a plane, headed for a series against the Twins in Minnesota, and I am crossing my fingers that these baseball horrors get sorted out and we see a win or two. Maybe that’s just too much to ask, I dunno.

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