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Parker Bridwell builds on his unlikely legend as he leads Angels to 7-2 win over Blue Jays

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Kaleb Cowart, Yunel Escobar and Andrelton Simmons gave him some run support, Bridwell did most of the rest.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Angels 7 Blue Jays 2

Parker Bridwell did it again, thankfully. This kid went out and threw a hell of a game on Friday night in Toronto, ending the Angels’ recent three-game losing streak with absolute authority from the hill, kicking off all our weekends on a good note, baseball-wise, at least. I am a fan of surprises, and Bridwell is the surprise that never ceases to deliver.

Mr. Bridwell would go 7.1 IP/3 H/ 1 R/ 1 ER/ 1 BB/ 4K en route to getting his fifth win of the 2017 season; yes, he threw over seven innings of one-run ball, walking just one lone batter and striking out four, which puts another solid notch on his belt of unlikely successes and has Halos fans, and baseball fans in general, simultaneously rooting for him while scratching their heads, wondering how the Angels snagged such a diamond in the rough.

He had plenty of help tonight, so let’s not forget about the giving the offense their due. Kaleb Cowart continued to dazzle at the plate, getting three hits in the game, but also showed some serious leather on a backhanded play that most mere mortals would have had no chance at getting. Yunel Escobar chipped in with a couple doubles, and Andrelton Simmons had a double, a triple (his 2nd triple of the year) and a stole base.

The Halos would tally 11 hits in all, and seven total runs put on the board en route to their decisive victory over the Blue Jays, on a night where everything seemed to be going the opposite way they’d gone in Cleveland. I think we’ve learned by now that Bridwell is a lucky charm of sorts; the run support he gets when he pitches makes other starters on this team salivate, and he’s also seemingly got the BABIP mojo working on his side, too.

Who’s complaining, though? Not Halos fans, that’s for sure. He’s getting wins for the club in some pretty astounding ways. That’s all it took to start the legend of Parker Bridwell, and tonight, we saw one more page written in that book. Tonight, we turn the a good way, for once.