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9th Inning Angels comeback turns Troy Scribner's MLB debut from L to W

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Scribner's mom was in attendance, and it was her birthday, so the Halos hooked her up with a rad 6-5 win over the Blue Jays.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Blue Jays 5

The Angels and Blue Jays squared off today at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, which is their second early start this week. For some of you who partied last night, all the way into the early morning, you probably missed a good chunk of this game, if not all. If you happened to have woken up for the last inning, though, then you're probably pretty happy with your timing right about now.

Things were looking pretty bleak in Rogers Centre up until the final frame, with the Angels being down 5-3 and just a few outs away from hitting the showers as owners of a fresh, brand new L. It was at that point, in the top of the ninth, that our beloved Halos kicked on the afterburners and did some glorious Team of Destiny scoreboard destruction that we've come to know and love this year.

The Angels mounted a sick comeback, all in the span of a couple minutes, maybe three, entertaining the fans at home with a whirlwind of flashbang baseball; Kole Calhoun singled, Martin Maldonado was hit by a pitch, Ben Revere hit a double to RF, scoring Calhoun, Kaleb Cowart (pinch running for Maldonado) scored on a wild pitch, and then Cliff Pennington gave us the winning run via Sac fly, which scored Ben Revere.

I wasn't really sure what I was seeing, with my head spinning so much from trying to keep up from the action, but after I came to my senses and got my faculties back, I did verify that the score was now 6-5 Angels. Wow. These guys, I swear.

It was the Angels' 29th comeback victory of the 2017 season, and just to add some extra cool trivia to the proceedings, the winning pitcher of the day was Troy Scribner. Scribner, who was just recently called up, was making his major league debut and when the Halos were going into the 9th, he was going to be tagged with today's loss, having given up the go-ahead HR earlier in the game.

Instead of a loss, he gets a big, fat, juicy W, and he got it in front of a bunch of family members (including mom and dad), who traveled a long way to watch their boy introduce himself to the MLB. Funny how baseball works out like that, aint it?

It's almost as if it were...destiny?