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Angels’ late power surge not enough to overcome Alex Meyer’s early-inning woes, Twins win 9-5

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Angels 5 Twins 9

Alex Meyer, fresh off of cranking out two consecutive starts that showed us exactly what Billy Eppler must have seen in him when Meyer was acquired by the Halos last August, had a bit of a setback in tonight’s series opener in Minnesota. We’ve grown accustomed to those, since his typical game outcomes seem to be all over the map, but this one was kind of a bummer, because the Halos had some fight in them tonight.

Meyer finished his evening in Target Field with five innings pitched, so he did eat up some innings...this is probably one of the few positives we can take from tonight’s performance. He would give up six hits in those five sides, allowing five earned runs, including TWO homers, not to mention he walked four (and struck out six, another slight positive), and just to be comprehensive in his Monday night letdown, Meyer balked in a run in the 2nd.

Yep. It was one of THOSE games, where we see the Angels’ very own version of Slenderman doingn scary things like balking in a run, immediately followed by giving up a two-run dinger. That was only the second inning. Meyer’s night continued to be full of suckitude in the third, when he got shelled again, and then Max Kepler basically put a fork in Meyer when he hit a jack of his own to right field.

On the offensive front, the Angels were facing down seven full innings of an in-control Adalberto Mejia, but they were still able to chip away and get some big knocks, making it feel similar to a textbook, 2017 ToD type game, at least as far as the lineup was concerned. We saw both Kole Calhoun and Albert Pujols have two-hit nights, and then you had a huge bomb from Luis Valbuena (Target Field announced it at 459 feet but Statcast had it at 427...I’m going with Statcast) and a lesser bomb from Martin Maldonado.

Andrelton Simmons going 3-4 with two RBI and one run scored was a cool development in its own right, as it could be construed as a real life subtweet towards those who, for some insane reason, don’t think he should be an all star.

Now, if only Meyer could have settled down in those first three frames, then maybe we’d be celebrating another win on the road, made possible by a dozen Halos hits and bolstered by another good evening with Mr. Meyer. Instead, we saw our doom right at the start of the game, and while there were some cool blizzys in the later innings, they were relegated to nothing more than delicious, empty calories.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and if there’s one thing I know about this Team of Destiny, it’s that they embody all that is AMERICA, so they’re probably going to win. So we’ve got that going for us.