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Blue Jays give Angels a taste of their own comeback medicine with walk-off grand slam in 9th

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The Halos had a six-run lead going into the 9th. They lost 11-10. Yep.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Angels 10 Blue Jays 11

/holds backspace button for what seems like an eternity, erasing entire post game.

Ok, fine. The Blue Jays beat the Halos today by the final score of 11-10. It should not have ended how it did, not with the 6-run lead tat the Angels had heading into the ninth inning or with reliable de facto closer Bud Norris on the mound. The Angels played a good game, even Albert Pujols had himself a nice day at the plate. Yet, the Angels didn’t get a win. Instead, they got Buttercupped harder than Mike Scioscia’s stubborn head.

Oh, don’t worry, FYI. You aren’t losing your mind or your eyesight; it DOES say Pujols had a nice day at the plate...”nice” as in 3-5, with two dingers, three runs scored and four RBI. I suppose that’s one way to break up an 0-24 streak. Andrelton Simmons is still mashing, getting a couple hits this afternoon, and Mike Trout not only had a multi-hit game, but he also had a multi-walk game (two BBs). All of the studs were doing studly things, what could go wrong?

Jesse Chavez finished five innings, and gave up four runs, and that would have been serviceable most days, considering the fire power that was on display from the Halos lineup. You had David Hernandez, Blake Parker and Cam Bedrosian doing their best to keep the Halos ahead, combining for three innings of no hit/no runs baseball.

Yep, things were going REALLY good in the Halosphere, and we saw the Angels heading into the ninth inning, up by SIX runs. That’s all I can remember happening before I went blood red mad. Why blood red mad? Brooks Pounders. Mike Scioscia put Pounders in the game, and he quickly made the game too close for comfort. He came out in the ninth, and was pulled before getting just one out, but not before giving up three runs off of two hits.

It was Bud Norris who took his place, and was given the job of getting the Halos the hell out of Rogers Centre before everything went to shit. Well...about that. Blue Jays LF Steve Pearce had a walk-off grand slam against the A’s earlier in the week. In this game, he was at the plate, in the ninth, with bases loaded and facing Norris. The stage was set for magic, just set for the wrong team and fans. Pearce smoked a ball over the left field fence, driving the Toronto crowd wild and giving me a taste of our own ToD medicine.

So, this is what the Mariners felt like back in April, huh?

Whatever dude. Toronto wins 11-10.