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Angels Are Supposedly A Baseball Team But Forget How to Baseball

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This one got ugly really quickly.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers
The shot of the night. Beltre strokes one into the seats.
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Rangers 10, Angels 0

There was a guy named Josh Hamilton on Jeopardy! tonight. He was from Texas. He looked pretty good.

He came in last.

I know this because at the end of two innings, the Rangers had 8, and the Angels had 0. I changed the channel soon after. Jeopardy! looked an enticing option. In some way, it was ironic. Josh Hamilton looked good with the Rangers, but once we signed him, he didn’t do much of anything.

Ricky Nolasco looked sharp for all of two batters. His breaking ball was flat, and the Rangers punished him. In the first, the combination of Mazara-Beltre-Odor-Lucroy reached for three runs. In the second, Beltre and Odor went back-to-back. Nolasco retakes the MLB HR lead from John Lackey.

There isn’t a lot to say. Hamels was decently sharp, not unhittable. The Halos had 3 hits, 0 runs, and only 1 LOBster. 2 GIDPs were very fun.

Mike Morin continued his run of not being good, and Mazara had a two-run bomb off him.

You should now go watch your favorite TV show. Listen to your favorite song. Read your favorite book. Do anything to help yourself forget this level of suckitude. As an immovable figure in Halos history once said, “Tip your cap. Turn the page.”

So do so. Please.



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