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It’s crowded at the top - looking at the AL Wild Card Race

The Angels and a bunch of other teams are right in the mix

Baltimore Orioles v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

This will be some exciting August and September baseball as the below teams (and maybe a few others) battle for the two wild card spots. Not much separates these teams so I was curious - who has the best schedule??

In terms of playing the most sub .500 teams, that goes to the Twins who play 5 more below .500 teams than they do teams at .500 or higher. The Angels are roughly in the middle as far as playing teams with better records (they have to face the Astros 9 more times though). The Orioles and Rays have the most teams to play at or over the .500 mark and the Angels, Royals, and Yankees all play the same number (26).

In terms of who has their fate most in their hands - presumably that’s the Orioles who play 23 games against other wild card teams in this list. The Angels have among the least contenders to play so will have to relay more on other wild card teams doing their work for them.

In short? The Angels are probably underdogs in this race, but that’s where we want to be - isn’t it? #tod

Note: The last three columns in this table are remaining games.

AL Wild Card Race

Team W L PCT WCGB vs. .500+ teams vs. < .500 teams vs. Wild card teams
Team W L PCT WCGB vs. .500+ teams vs. < .500 teams vs. Wild card teams
NY Yankees 60 53 0.531 +2.5 26 23 13
Seattle 59 57 0.509 - 24 22 14
Tampa Bay 59 57 0.509 - 29 17 22
Minnesota 57 56 0.504 0.5 22 27 13
LA Angels 58 58 0.5 1 26 20 12
Kansas City 57 57 0.5 1 26 22 11
Baltimore 57 58 0.496 1.5 32 15 23