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Series Preview: Athletics @ Angels (Rook takes pawn)

Angels need a sweep or series victory to stay in wild card contention after losing back to back series

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Rookies and 2017 newbies all around in this series. We’ve got Andrew Heaney (2017 newbie) facing Daniel Gossett (rookie) in game 1. Troy Scribner vs. Chris Smith (rookie and sort of newbie) in game 2, and Parker Bridwell in game 3. That makes Kendall Graveman the only pitcher in this series that pitched in 2016.

The last place A’s should be easy to beat right? Well, this last place A’s team just swept the Rangers - a team the Angels dropped 3 out of 4 games to. Also, the Angels have only a 7-6 record against the A’s this year, so nothing is a guarantee (unless you are talking about Pujols making another 100 million dollars as an Angel).

Question: Albert Pujols LOB for the series will be over or under 10.5?


Andrew Heaney v. Cy Rookie Daniel Gossett
Friday, August 25th @ 7:07PM


Daniel Gossett hasn’t really found firm footing yet in his first big league season. He has a 5.49 ERA in 11 starts, but has had a few shining moments. His last time out he gave up 5 runs and 8 hits to the Orioles. Gossett was a second round pick for the Athletics back in 2014.

Most fans were pretty excited to see Andrew Heaney return to the mound this year. Unfortunately, his two starts haven not gone very well. He’s given up 7 home runs, 15 hits, and 9 runs in 10 innings. I guess the good news is that he hasn’t walked anyone yet but he’ll need to get those dingerz and hits under control if he’s to be effective in helping in the wild card hunt.

Verdict: Neither pitcher comes into this game very strong so it could go either way. Might be a good show of offense from one or both sides (if the Angels can find their bats).


Troy Scribner v. Chris Smith
Saturday, August 26th @ 6:07PM


Chris Smith first broke into the majors in 2008 and after struggling for a few years then found himself in the minors fro 2011-2015 before Oakland brought him back up last year. He’s started 8 games this year and has a 5.56 ERA and 1.328 WHP.

Troy Scribner has a 0.944 WHIP in 18 big league innings. He hasn’t been spectacular but he’s certainly done the job well enough. He threw 4 innings against Oakland back on August 4th and allowed 5 runs (just 2 earned) over 4 innings.

Verdict: Scribner can hopefully keep building on his big league career here with a much needed solid start. Hopefully he can go more than 5 innings which he has yet to do in his 3 starts so far.


Parker Bridwell v. Kendall Graveman
Sunday, August 27th @ 12:37PM

Pitcher vs. Batters

Notable Stats


Kendell Graveman has faced the Angels 3 times and each time he’s given up just 2 runs. Graveman’s ERA over his past 4 games is 2.87 and in 10 of his 13 starts he’s allowed 3 or fewer earned runs.

Parker Bridwell hasn’t just been for the Angels, he has the 6th best ERA in the American League during the second half and 5th best all season for pitchers with 75+ innings. Bridwell has only allowed more than 3 runs in 2 of his 13 starts.

Verdict: This has the makings of a pitching duel, but Bridwell has clearly been the better pitcher so far this year.

Overall Verdict: If the Cy Rookie effect doesn’t get to the Angels, they should take home a series win here.