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Mike Trout raised his WAR by 0.4 in just one game. No, seriously.

This is not a joke. This actually happened.

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Mike Trout is good. Okay, so maybe he’s a little better than good.

Yesterday, Mike Trout had a good game. That’s also an understatement. Yesterday, Mike Trout had one of the best games of his career: he went 4-4 with a home run, triple, two singles, and a walk, finishing a double shy of the cycle. It’s no surprise, then, that Fangraphs credited him accordingly. How much? 0.4 Fangraphs’ WAR, or fWAR.

Have a look for yourself.

That is absolutely insane! Frankly, I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the fact that Trout has had six other 0.4 fWAR games through his first six seasons. That rocket in late 2014? That’s nothing more than a 0.5 fWAR game.

That’s more WAR than some players accumulate in a single season. Heck, more WAR than many players accumulate in their entire career. What’s more? Trout has never had a game even half as bad as his best games.

So how did he do it? By being good. By being really, really, good.

Trout’s four hits are all impressive — if we’re putting this in exit velocity terms, all four hits were over 100 miles per hour.

Take a guess at what happened.

Okay, so maybe the screenshot gave this one away. Kendall Graveman’s reactions might have been the best part of this.

Mike Trout is done slumping and back to punishing baseballs.

In other words? Mike Trout is done slumping and back to punishing baseballs.

Baseballs everywhere are running for the hills, and rightfully so.

Mike Trout is back.