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Angels prospect David Fletcher chats with Halos Heaven

Fletcher was promoted to Salt Lake last month

David Fletcher is a work horse. One of the the things that stood out to me while chatting with him was his focus on improvement and his practical outlook on the game. He doesn’t do much else besides baseball. Baseball is his jam. I had a great chat with David Fletcher recently - check out the interview below!

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today on behalf of Halos Heaven. We are big fans of your work especially after getting a good look at your skills during spring training.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

What was it like going to spring training for a more extended period of time this year?

Going to big league spring training was awesome and a really good experience and being around all those guys was a great help.

Since you are from Orange County, what was it like to get drafted by the Angels ?

It was pretty special to be drafted by your home town team. It’s pretty cool and I was pretty excited when I got drafted by the angels.

Also, congrats on your fairly recently promotion to TRIPLE A. What was it like when you got that call?

It was exciting. Any time you get the call it’s exciting. It’s a pretty big jump when you get to triple A.

Would you say that’s the biggest jump? From double A to triple A?

It makes it feel like the biggest jump since you are one step away from the big leagues.

At what point in the in minor league system to you start to think - I just might make it to the majors. Does that cross your mind when you hit a certain point?

For me I kinda try not to look ahead too much. As hard as it is just try to focus what I can control at the present moment.

What was it like converting from shortstop to second base??

I’ve played shortstop my whole life to always been comfortable there. I started working on second base this past off season to be more comfortable there. As an infielder you want to be able to play as many positions as you can.

Tell me about some of the challenges of dealing with minor league life. Life on the road, bus rides, etc. What are some of the best and not so great parts?

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid some really big bus rides. When I got moved up to the Texas League we didn’t have many big rides left. At times the travel can wear on you a little but I’ve been pretty lucky with that.

What would you say is the difference between the Texas and Southern League now that the Angels have moved?

That’s a good question. Travel was better in Southern League. We played 5 games series which made for a more consistent schedule. The weather was not the best in the Southern League. Lots of rain outs and definitely really humid.

I heard some minor leaguers missed a team bus and had to take a very expensive uber ride to get to their game in another state. Any fun stories from your travels that come to mind?

Yeah I heard about that. That was funny. I haven’t had many stories like that fortunately.

Do you have any favorite ballparks as you’ve moved around that you just loving playing at?

I’ve played at a couple of nice ones. Tulsa in the Texas League. Jacksonville had a nice ball park Our ballpark here in Salt Lake is really nice. One of my favorites.

From a hitting perspective, how do the different ballparks affect you?

Not for me but I guess for some guys it could affect them. Some guys that are power hitting guys may have to adjust. For me I keep my approach the same anywhere I go so it doesn’t have much impact on me.

What have been the biggest challenges and differences as you move up from each level in the minors and how do you maintain a consistent approach?

There’s definitely a little bit of adjustment period at every level Getting used to the pitching and how they approach you. Once you make it through the adjustment period and figure out what they are trying to do you and what the pitchers are capable of you realize it’s all just baseball and it’s all the same game.

How about the differences from league to league? Like how the Southern League is rather pitcher friendly and the PCL quite the opposite.

Here in the PCL we are in places where the ball carries very well and Southern League has all that humidity so the ball doesn’t carry.

Could you see the difference right away when you went to the PCL and did the ball movement affect you as an infielder?

You can tell right away. It doesn’t really affect you as an infielder. The infields are faster in AAA here than in AA which can help hitters a lot more at certain fields. Some hits that don’t get through in AA might get through in AAA.

You are few years younger than the average player in Salt Lake. Did any player take you under your wing when you arrived there?

I kinda knew all these guys from spring training. Everybody kind of helps each other out. I can look at some of the older guys and ask them a couple question and just watch the way they go about things.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

Showing up at the ballpark around 1:30/2:00. Getting some stretching in and hitting in the cages. Going out to BP and take some ground balls, then basically come back in the clubhouse, get some food, maybe have some time to play cards and just get ready for the game.

How about the early part of the day before you get to the ballpark?

Just get up eat breakfast and do whatever or just hang out until you head to the field. I don’t do anything too notable before I play.

How did you prepare for the 2017 season and and what are your goals for the rest of the year?

Every year you want to get stronger and faster. I spent the off-season doing that. Also my regular hitting and ground balls with some extra focus on second base and some of the footwork. Getting stronger was a big thing for me. For the rest of he season I don’t really like to set numerical goals, I just want to keep taking it one pitch at at time and sticking to my approach and taking one day at time and controlling what I can control.

Do you have an Rituals, habits, or superstitions?

I definitely have routines but I wouldn’t say superstitions. Nothing too crazy. Just getting ready to play every day and what time I show up the ballpark and all that.

In your opinion, what part of your game do you feel is your greatest strength?

It’s always been my defense. That’s never changed since I was I younger.

And what part needs the most work?

Coming into the season one of my main goals was sticking to my approach every pitch at the plate and trying to be more consistent with that.

Are you involved in any social media, follow along at all or pay attention to what people are saying about you?

I have Twitter and Instagram but not involved in that very much.

[follow David on Twitter at @d22fletcher or Instagram at d22fletcher]

What are some of your Hobbies, interests outside of baseball?

In the off-season I’m pretty boring. Spend time with my family and enjoy my time off. That and getting my work in.

How much time after the season ends before you start working again?

I take a couple weeks off of baseball and about a week from everything. I don’t start lifting and getting back to getting stronger until about a week after the season. Maybe 3 weeks until I start hitting and throwing and taking ground balls and stuff.

It’s a recurring question here at Halos Heaven so I have to ask: Five guys or In N Out?

I definitely have to pick In N Out being from Southern California.

Thank you for your time! We wish you all the best and much success and hope to see you in Anaheim soon!

Thank you I appreciate it!