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Let’s decide which Angels player chose the best nickname for their Players Weekend jersey

August 25-27 is MLB’s inaugural Players Weekend, and these Angels nickname jerseys are going to take a giant bite out of my wallet.

Earlier in the summer, the MLB and MLB Players Association got together and launched a new event, dubbed Players Weekend. It’s the league’s obvious attempt to engage the large swath of baseball fans who want more zany fun and personality injected into the game.

For instance, there will be “ambassadors” during Players Weekend (August 25th through 27th), pretty much one per team, and they will be active on social media DURING the game. That’s definitely fun, so way to go, MLB! On top of that, there’s a slew of uniform wackiness that’ll be going on, starting with the youth league-inspired jerseys.

They’ll look like this, in fact:

Now, that by itself is nothing to bat an eye at...the MLB has plenty of weekends throughout the year when teams will put on specially colored unis. This has a few cool twists to it, however, that make it stand out from just about anything else we’ve seen from MLB. For one, they’ll be wearing special patches on their sleeves that will represent “the progression of a child evolving into a Major Leaguer” , but below that, each one will have a blank space where players can write in the name of someone they owe a debt of gratitude towards, for helping them achieve their big league dreams.

Ok, again, pretty dope! But wait, there’s more. The players will also be allowed to go hogwild on colorful wristbands, protective gear, face masks and they’ll have custom socks and hats, just for good measure. Sweet!

Now, here’s the coolest part. Players Weekend has taken the only rad thing to ever come from the short-lived XFL by allowing MLB players to choose a nickname for themselves, and that nickname is going to be on the back of their jersey all weekend long. OK, I think I love Players Weekend.

Here are the Angels’ Players Weekend nickname uniforms, released this morning:

So many good nicknames. A few OK ones. Some are weak.

Who’s got the best one, though? Some of my favorites aren’t on that’ll have to check out the Angels’ page at the MLB store to see them all...but ones like Blake Parker and Shane Robinson are A+ nickname jerseys:

Swaggy is pretty tight, too, and I’m down for Major Key. I also dig Alex Meyer’s Bubba. Also, shout out to Ben Revere for giving a subtle shoutout to our former site manager:

I think MLB is going to get some of my hard-earned money for one or two of these jerseys, that’s for sure. Players Weekend is already a hit in my book.