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Troy Scribner and Angels bullpen shut down fearless Orioles offense in rubber match

The crafty righty picked up his second career victory.

Baltimore Orioles v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
MLB debut? Lemme snag two bags.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Angels 5, Orioles 1

(Here’s the first ever Halos Heaven tag team post-game article, featuring Josh Mayhood and htennis. Join us as we discuss today’s getaway game victory!)

JM: Hey htennis, the Angels won a series. That’s good, I think.

ht: Josh? What are you doing here? You said it was my postgame!

JM: No, dude!!!! I said “tandem,” which means...wait, hold on. /opens up

OK, it means we do it together. So this was a good game, right?

ht: Well, you first have to analyze the lineup. I mean, Simba is not your prototype three hitter, but these days, is anything better than Pujols?

JM: Yes, pretty much anything is better than Pujols. I saw before the game that the last Angels SS to bat in the #3 spot was Maicer Izturis. Simmons had a very Izturis-ish game today, so there’s that (went 0-3 but had an RBI).

C.J. Cron seems to be enjoying the promise of more playing time with Escobar down, hitting another jack today and doing more cool stuff.

ht: Josh, he really crushed the ball today. That HR got out of the ballpark in a hurry, knocking down that guy who tried to catch it out in the seats.

JM: That guy was weak. I would have caught it with my teeth and then spit it back on to the field...for some reason, I don’t know.

What do you think about Troy Scribner’s second MLB start?

ht: Yeah Josh, he really had his breaking stuff working today. The curveballs were flying in at under 70 mph, the fastballs (save his last) were located well, and the only blemish on the day (Wellington Castillo’s solo shot) was a product of both the day game carry and a fan sticking his hands out over the wall.

JM: That curve is pretty nice, I agree. He’s got nice curves, is what I’m trying to say.


JM: Shit, sorry. I MEANT CRAP, SORRY!

ht: ...

JM: Sooooooo...MIKE TROUT! Another multi-hit game, making his case for MVP stronger by the day. But then again, what else would we expect him to do? He can carry this team to that second Wild Card, man, I’m telling you (as if you need any convincing).

ht: Trout showed off his complete arsenal today. First, there was that flare into right (which Jonathan Schoop couldn’t find because of the sun), and then, there was that nubber to Chris Davis, with Kevin Gausman breaking late from the mound. Really showed why he deserves to be the MVP today.

Regardless of how the hits happened, they put runs on the board! That third inning flare was instrumental in knotting the game up at 1-1!

JM: Let’s talk about stuff I do not like. 2-11 w/RISP. That’s wack.

ht: Yeah, thankfully the two that we did get were important. After Trout’s flare single, Simba hit a sac fly, and someone named Cesar Puello cashed in CJ Cron in the 4th. Who?

JM: Hahaha...yeah, sup with THAT guy?! Read about him this morning, that he’s been picked up and Jose Alvarez was optioned and minutes later (at least that’s how it seemed in my head), I see this guy playing at the Big A. He left four on base, but hey, he drove in a run so...welcome to the team, Puello dude.

ht: Stole two bags as well.

JM: Ahhh, great point, my man! Maybe that right there is part of why Billy Eppler thought he just had to have him on the roster?

ht: He does seem to like those speedy types.

JM: For sure, for sure. Which gives me a little hope that we’ll see Michael Hermosillo up sometime towards the end of this season, as a speedy OF option off the bench. Or maybe I’m just daydreaming with that one, but Eppler has a type and Puello seemed to flash those characteristics.

The bullpen put in yet another solid day, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from them. Those relievers will never let us down, ever, right?

ht: No, Josh, I can’t imagine them doing that. Yusmeiro Petit picked up Scribner in the 6th, with a little help from Simba of course.

JM: Oh yeah, was that the inning were he laser-beamed that throw to home, nailing the runner, saving a run and ending the inning?

ht: Crazy...almost seemed like DiSar was coaching third...that runner was out by a mile. And then CJ Cron picked us up in the bottom half of the 6th.

JM: Yep, it was a great, multi-faceted game today from the Halos, ending their homestand with six wins out of nine games, and two back in the Wild Card race (although some teams have yet to play their games today, granted). We feel good going into the next series, yeah? Got those demons from earlier in the week exorcised?

ht: We’ll definitely see, with Seattle on the horizon for four. Regardless, this was a pretty low-stress, Wednesday afternoon game!

JM: Word, homie. WORD. Anything left to add, or are we ready to post this thing and get to the gifs?

ht: Only that you made this process twice as long as it needed to be. Thanks, Fearless Leader!

JM: It was twice as long, but twice as bromantic. I’ll take that any day of the week, mi amigo.