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AL Wild Card Watch September 12th

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Are you having fun yet? You should be!!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

To see how this has changed, check out the September 7th update here

The Angels have 19 games left this season and they are thick in the wild card hunt. Very few people predicted they would be this close to reaching a post season spot in October and most predicted they wouldn’t even win 80 games. Right now they need to just go 8-11 to end up with a .500 season and 81 wins. But they aren’t gonna stop there! This second wild card spot will probably need 84-85 wins right now.

As it looks right now, the Angels and Rangers are still very much in it and the Royals, Orioles, Mariners, and Rays hopes are fading.

Predicting wins and losses is a tricky thing and if anyone was THAT good at it, they’d be making a fortune in Vegas. But the charts below represent how teams are playing now, how they have played against specific opponents in this year, and how they have played at home and on the road. Did you know the Twins are worse at home than on the road?? Or how about that the Rangers and A’s are split at 6-6 so far this season?

As we all know, nothing is certain, but based on schedules, etc. it appears the Yankees may hold on to the top wildcard spot if they keep playing the way they do and the Rays will probably not cut it. It’s not looking great for the Orioles or Mariners either.

The Angels play the Astros 6 more times and being realistic, I have them with only 2 wins. They NEED to take at least one game in this series that starts tonight and any more is a bonus.

Take a gander below and the current lay of the land:

AL Wild Card Watch Sept 22nd

Team Wins Losses home/away
Team Wins Losses home/away
Angels 76 76
Astros x3 1 2 away
White Sox x4 3 1 away
Mariners x3 2 1 home
Final Record 82 80
Twins 79 74
Tigers x3 1 2 away
Indians x3 1 2 away
Tigers x3 1 2 home
Final Record 82 80
Rangers 76 76
A's x3 2 1 away
Astros x3 1 2 home
A's x 4 2 2 home
Final Record 81 81

Agree or disagree? Probably both I’m sure. But at least the info above will help you keep an eye on the wild card race and where the Angels stand. I’ll update it as the September rolls forward.