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Man, how come the Indians can’t be cool & let the Angels win a game & gain Wild Card ground?

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Just like last night, the Angels would battle back against Cleveland all game long, but the Indians just wouldn’t die. Halos lose 6-5.

Cleveland Indians v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Angels 5 Indians 6

Alright, this is getting to be really frustrating. The Angels are finding out that the Cleveland Indians are for real, and they’re finding out in the worst way possible: By getting beat in hard-fought games, all while the Twins lose their game, thus blowing an opportunity to gain Wild Card ground. That’s two nights in a row that the Indians had to be total jerks, not letting up on the Angels or going easy on the hometown club in any way whatsoever.

It was 1-0 Indians, then 1-1, then 2-1 Indians, then tied up at 2-2 thanks to a C.J. Cron homer, then it was 5-2 Indians, then it was 5-4 Indians, thanks to Brandon Phillips and Mike Trout, but then it was 6-4 Indians, and then it was 6-5 Indians, thanks to an Albert Pujols bomb to center field. That’s a hell of a slobberknocker, right there.

6-5 Indians, heading into the bottom of the ninth, gave me a bit of tingle in my Halos intuition, leading me to believe they had an epic walk-off in them tonight; alas, there would be no memorable walk-off that saw them half a game out of a playoff play-in game. Instead, we saw Eric Young Jr. strike out, Brandon Phillips ground out, and then Mike Trout struck out to put a somewhat merciful end to this maddening dance both teams were doing all night. The Indians had this one, just like they had last night.

They are a good team. This is not going to be easy.

Oh, but THIS play happened in this game, which was neat:

That’s all I got. Turn the page and stuff.