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Astros hand Angels their 6th loss in a row. In the name of all that is merciful, let this season end.

A 6-2 loss today at the hands of the first place Astros is yet another nail in this 2017 coffin.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2 Astros 6

The Angels lost their sixth game in a row today. It was another punch to the gut from our favorite sports franchise in a month that has seemingly been nothing BUT gut punches; I suppose the fact that we’ve been bombarded with disappointment for a week or so straight now is why these gut punches, even today’s early afternoon bummer, barely even register anymore.

Six losses in a row. Yes, they have been playing tough teams, but these Halos had already beaten up on the Astros this season, even taking them down in their home field, Minute Main Park, earlier in the summer. That was a different team, however. That was an Angels squad that had some serious mojo and firepower galore. That was an Angels team that was going into other tough parks, like Yankees Stadium and Fenway, and putting them on notice with convincing series wins on the road.

The Angels team that lost 2-6 today against the Houston Astros is NOT that team...they’re a different team. Mike Trout is no longer making me think he’s the hands down MVP, and Andrelton Simmons is no longer raking and the bullpen isn’t a ragtag, money-in-the-bank cadre of gems plucked from the ether by Billy Eppler. They’re just regular old relievers who are as prone to come through in the clutch as they are to totally muck up the situation they’re called upon to fix and/or stabilize.

The gut punches are not over, though. We’ve still got some punishment and anguish to absorb, but by the time the last game of the season rolls around, we’ll be hardened souls for which no amount of baseball wizardry and heroics can soften. This is surely a team of destiny, but if there’s one thing I learned from Macbeth, it’s that sometimes destiny doesn’t have a cheery rainbow at the end of the journey. Sometimes, there’s just death, and that in itself is the destiny.

Team of Destiny makes way more sense when viewed through that prism.