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Angels stop losing streak by flexing tuff on the Astros, take series finale with 7-5 victory

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 7 Astros 5

The Angels didn’t lose tonight, that means they won and things are a-ok, right? Well, minus those six previous games, where the Angels lost six in a row and the Halos’ gnarly wild card hunt, plus all of our hopes and dreams, came to a grisly and disappointing end. If you can put those games out of your mind, as well as many other games this cruel September, and thrown in tonight’s commanding victory, the the Angels’ are sittin’ pretty.

Hell yeah.

Alright, all joking aside, it was nice seeing the Halos’ bats wake up and get some big, beefy hits and flexed some muscle, something we’ve barely seen them do in other recent, big time games. Yes, it makes me blood red mad that we see this AFTER that wild card chase of the Twins got stalled and derailed by some games that should have been resounding messages to the other AL contenders and fans that they were here to play; instead, they just ended up telling AL contenders and fans “Ha Ha! You believed us!”.

There was lots of offense from the Angels in this one, too, and it was gorgeous. Big multi-hit games from Mike Trout, Kole Calhoun and Brandon Phillips solidified their readinesss for this nationally televised game; That Phillips dinger was his 12th of the season, and at the time, it had put the Angels up 4-2 on the home town Astros.

Justin Upton didn’t want to get left out, so in the eighth inning, he got in on the mash party. With reliever Luke Gregerson on the mound, Upton smoked a blizzy to right field, an absolute beauty; that marked his 35th homer of this 2017 season, and his fourth dinger in the last week. Upton has hit seven total dingers this month with his new club, and he’s now got three homers in two days. The dude is hot.

The whole lineup was hot tonight, of course they weren’t facing Justin Verlander or some other modern marvel, like the Cleveland Indians’ pitching staff. Turns out, when the Angels don’t have to go up against heavy firepower, they can actually win with relative ease.

Now, if only we could say the same for the pitching, right? Well, at least for some of the pitching. If it aint one facet of the club, it is another. Tonight, all the lamenting should be directed towards Tyler Skaggs, who gave up the bulk of the Astros’ runs on the board (he finished with 5.0 IP/6 H/ 4 R/4 ER/ 2 BB/ 3 K) , but unlike recent outings for Halos’ arms, they had some firepower to back them up and let them survive some screw-ups on their part.

The firepower was Trout, Calhoun, Phillips and Upton and those seven runs the Angels dropped in this series finale. They are going into tomorrow as a club that’s 4.5 games out of the wild card, and they’ve got a week of baseball left. Do you like those odds or did it all die on Thursday/Friday and I’m living in the past?