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Angels Week 25 Rankings - Pitchers

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The good, the bad, and the meh: Richards, we’ve missed you!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

I’ll cover the entire 40 man roster and will split it between position players and pitchers (generally 20 or so guys on each list). Each week the list will change based on the past week’s performance - but also taking into account their performance year to date.


Pitching was not great for the Halos last week. At a time when the bats when mostly silent, that is a bad combination. Richards was amazing, but starters had a 4.77 ERA even with his 6 scoreless innings. Take out Richards at the ERA is close to 6. Relievers? Worse. The bullpen had a 6.40 ERA but that was almost ALL on the shoulders of Petit and Paredes without whom the bullpen had a stellar 1.75 ERA. Always has to be someone doesn’t it??