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File under: Ouch. Angels have the worst OPS in the American League heading into their final few games

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Can they climb out of the cellar over their final 4 games?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Starting pitching? Decimated. Offense? Mostly terrible. Bullpen? Surprisingly good. There will be a lot of analysis as the season winds down but I was looking at OPS data today and it’s quite depressing. There have been some good games and break out performances. They have been many come from behind wins and some fun run surges.

But overall, the Angels were among the worst in the league when it came to offense.

This was hampered by a Kole Calhoun and Yunel Escobar who didn’t perform nearly as well as they did last year, a fix at second base that ended up being more of a hinderance, a DH having the worst season of his career, and little production out of left field and first base. Billy Eppler attempted to fix the Angels offense and they actually got worse almost across the board (though not necessarily his fault)

Overall OPS:
Angels: 15th @ .713
Last year .726 (12th)

Next worst team is the Blue Jays with a .729 and the Astros led the way at .823

Catcher OPS:
Angels: 15th @ .615 (tied with Blue Jays)
Last year .648 (10th)

Next worst team is the A’s with a .648 and the Orioles led the way at .796

Angels: 14th @ .708
Last year .748 (10th)

Last place team was the Mariners with .691 and the A’s led the way at .918

Angels: 15th @ .608
Last year .620 (13th)

Next worst team is the Rays with a .640 and the Astros led the way at .996

Angels: 7th @ .750
Last year .691 (11th)

Despite Simba’s impressive year, 6 teams had better offensive short stops including the Astros (.875), Indians, Rangers, Yankees, Mariners, and Twins.

Angels: 14th @ .715
Last year .743 (10th)

Last place team was the Red Sox at .685 an the Blue Jays led the way at .866

Angels: 12th @ .702
Last year .584 (15th)

Not sure I want to see this number BEFORE Justin Upton joined the team. I imagine they were near the bottom which was KC at .658

Angels: 1st @ .934 (DUH!)
Last year .992 (1st)

Thank god for Mike Trout!! Next closest team was the Astros at .880

Angels: 14th @ .707
Last year .769 (7th)

Worst team is the Royals with a .686 and the Yankees (Judge) led the way at .996. It’s been a rough year for Kole Calhoun.

Angels: 13th @ .679
Last year .758 (10th)

Surprisingly not last place, but just barely edging out the Astros at .678 and Orioles at .670

Looking at the above data pretty much tells you that Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons have carried a large part of this team’s offense on their backs all season. For those of us who watched most of the games - this probably comes as little surprise.

The Angels lead the league in stolen bases with 132 (next closest is Texas with 111). However, those stolen bases don’t mean as much when your team can’t drive them in, and the Angels were 12th in the league in RBIs.

There is a lot that needs fixing offensively, including a DH and 3B that led their positions in GDP. Overall, the Angels were 3rd in that stat, trailing only the Royals and Blue Jays. Many of these guys had down years. Will Kole Calhoun rebound? Who will played third or second base? Will Justin Upton stay? Can we get a catcher that can even sorta hit? Stay tuned next season kids. Same bat time. Same bat channel.