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Angels kick off last series of season with comeback win #47 over Mariners 6-5

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Mike Trout hit a couple homers, but the Mariners still had a 5-2 advantage heading into the 8th. Then, the home town guys put on a classic Halo Blitz, for old time’s sake.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Mariners 5

The 2017 Angels, if nothing else, really have a knack for turning the twilight frames of any baseball game into a too-close-for-comfort debacle, but they revel in that chaos, and many nights, when the whirling confusion stops, they find themselves on top of the heap. Well, that is until the last couple weeks, when having some sort of advantage in that unknown would have been a literal game-changer; hey, they did some cool stuff tonight, in the series opener against the Mariners, though!

Doesn’t that count for something?

K. S’pose. Deep down, it does not count for something, because we know the real prize is off the shelf and in the hands of other SOBs, but I guess that doesn’t mean we can’t see them finish like badasses and revel in some swooning 2017 vintage Angels Baseball. No better gulp of that particular brew for us to chug than an eighth inning comeback against the Mariners, right?

Oh, and throw in a couple Mike Trout home runs, as a chaser. Those would be numbers 200 and 201, so Trouty is in the historic territory once again, but he’s most certainly grown accustomed to that atmosphere by now. It would have been nice to see multi-dinger games from him in recent battles, but that’s not how baseball works, not even for the best player in the universe. That’s some shit.

With a 5-2 deficit heading into that fabled eighth, built solely upon the backs of those Mike Trout missiles, the Halos mounted a certified Halo Blitz, that had some big hits by Albert Pujols, C.J. Cron and then a go-ahead double from Luis Valbuena. The beautiful bat-flipper boomed a ball to right field, and the home town team had given their fans their 47th “WTF, HOW?!? WHA??!! YAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” moment of the season. We’re truly thankful, Angels. You don’t even know, bros.

Two more games, and maybe they’ll be as dope as this one. They wont count for much, except they will, ya know?