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On Labor Day, Angels go extra long AGAIN, getting 11-9 win over Athletics

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 11 Athletics 9

Happy Labor Day, everybody! A lot of you didn’t have to work today; me included. The Angels and Athletics played extras today, so looks like somebody was still out there working hard. Martin Maldonado had a couple dingers, C.J. Cron and Albert Pujols kept driving in runs, and the Halos took a shootout against the Athletics, 11-9.

It was yet another insanely long game, and it was their 13th time heading to extra innings in 2017. They played so much, that they set a new franchise record for most pitchers used, at 12. A lot of baseball on a day that we’re supposed to chill out. Oh, it was also an AL record. Yeesh! Take a rest, Angels! Way to stay in this one and keep giving us heart attacks.

Here’s to the workers: