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Week 22 Pregame Picks Review!

Week 22 Leader: angelsown3417 Overall Leader: angelsown3417

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics
A bewildered man, but he was solid last week.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Offense great. Pitching terrible. Four words that sum up the entire last week, and probably the entire rest of the season, for the Angels.

In Week 22, our leader, angelsown3417, had yet another masterful week, putting up 13 points! Ant Fan and btown100 shared the silver, with 10 points each, and supermarcio and LanaBanana rounded out the Top 5.

The Week 22 results can be seen HERE.

The Top 5 remains the same. angelsown3417 opens up the lead, but Ant Fan has a firm grip on second, with max peter, angelslogic, and LanaBanana trailing.

The Overall results can be seen HERE

As always, notify me of any mistakes.

Best of luck next week!