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Tyler Skaggs gives good showing on day when offense is a no-show, Angels lose to A’s 3-1

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Angels 1 Athletics 3

You were most likely working, or in class, or busy with whatever it is that typically fills your days, when the Halos were playing today’s getaway game series finale in Oakland. If you’re feeling at all bummed out about missing this one, then let me be the first to assuage your anxiety and/or sadness by pointing out just how lucky you are to have had other plans. The Angels didn’t put up much of a fight, there was not thrilling comeback, it was just a run of the mill loss to the lowly Athletics.

Of course, the Angels could have gotten a series sweep with a win today, and they would have also stood their ground against the Rangers and Twins aka the other Wild Card challengers who won their games today. But nope, they got worked over by A’s starter Sean Manaea, who went 6.0 innings, giving up five hits but zero runs. The Halos managed to get a grand total of seven hits in this contest, and just one run, thanks to a Kole Calhoun triple in the eighth.

That was it, though. The team that had come into today’s showdown scoring six or more runs in seven straight games (the first time they’ve done that since the 2014 season) didn’t put up anything outside of that Calhoun RBI, but it wasn’t for lack of opportunity. They had chances, but going 0-9 with runners in scoring position is going to sting no matter what, but exponentially so when the opponent only scored three runs themselves. Albert Pujols was absent from the lineup, and I am almost ready to go ahead and admit that he needs to be in the lineup for this team to win.

Emphasis on “almost”; I don’t want to say or do anything too drastic, it’s just that a garbage loss to the A’s will make me do or say crazy things. Forgive me. The good news for today is that the Angels’ starter, Tyler Skaggs, had a nice outing against a team he typically struggles against.

Skaggs matched Manaea by also going 6.0 innings pitched and allowing five hits; the only problem is that the Athletics’ five hits garnered them three runs, two of which were earned, and the Angels got nada from their five hits. Skaggs did give up a dinger to Khris Davis, which as you know by now is mandatory for all Halos pitchers this season, but he struck out a cray cray NINE batters in his six innings, matching a career best.

So it was a nice day for Skaggs, despite what the box score may show at first glance; you just have to dig deeper into those numbers, and then also take a look at the heat he was throwing at the beginning and end of his day, and you’ll see a big step in the right direction, at least compared to his last couple starts. He gave his team a decent shot at winning, not to mention the A’s were also kind of stinky with RISP, too (they were 1-9 to the Halos’ 0-9), but when there’s no run support, all you can really do is...turn the page?!?