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Series Preview: Angels @ Mariners (Keep hope alive)

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The Angels finish this road trip with a 3 game set in Seattle

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners think they are still in the wild card hunt which is why Jerry Dipoto went out and traded for Mike Leake on August 30th. However, they are 3 games back of the Angels and 4 games out of a wild card spot. Impossible? Nope. Unlikely? Probably. Or at least - let’s hope so.

In 2017, the Angels are 9-4 against the Mariners and to keep pace with the Twins and Yankees (who currently hold the top wild card spots), they need to keep up their winning ways against Dipoto’s team.

The Angels have swept the Mariners twice this year - once at home back in April and once in Seattle about 3 weeks ago. Some fun notes from that series? Kenynan Middleton had 2 wins and 1 save. Cam Bedrosian had 2 saves, and Parker Bridwell was the only starter who notched a win for the Angels.

Question: Will the Angels climb back to a wild card spot by Sunday?


Ricky Nolasco (RHP) vs. Mike Leake (RHP)
Friday, September 8th @ 7:10PM

Pitcher vs. Batters

Notable Stats


Hearing that Ricky Nolasco is starting doesn’t exactly make Angels fans want to high five at the pending victory, but he DID shutout the Mariners back on July 1st. This year against Seattle, he has allowed 11 runs and 5 homers over 24.1 innings. Perhaps he can just not pitch to Nelson Cruz (see above)?

Mike Leake has been decent in 2017, but not amazing. He has a 1.2 WAR, 4.14 ERA, and 1.323 WHIP over 27 starts. In his debut as a Mariner, he threw 7 strong innings and allowed 2 runs. Those Angels who have faced Leake have done pretty well, including Justin Upton who is due for a long ball.

Verdict: A fairly even pitching matchup here with Leake having the overall edge, but Angels hitters light up Leake more than Mariners hitters (not named Nelson) light up Nolasco.


Andrew Heaney (LHP) vs. Andrew Albers (LHP)
Saturday, September 9th @ 6:10PM

Pitcher vs. Batters


Andrew Heaney wasn’t supposed to pitch this year and yet here he is - in the thick of a wild card race. Heaney has given up 4 or 5 runs in 3 of his 4 starts. Let’s hope this game is more like his A’s start when he struck out 10 over 6 innings.

Andrew Albers has only started 4 games this year, but he is not a rookie. Albers has been around and at age 31, has played parts of 4 seasons in the big league with 100.2 total innings. He’s 3-1 this year with a 3.43 ERA. Albers last faced the A’s and gave up just 1 hit and 1 run (a homer) over 6 innings.

Verdict: This letfy matchup pits two guys against each other who’ve only tossed 4 big league games this year so results will probably vary.


Parker Bridwell (RHP) vs. Erasmo Ramirez (RHP)
Sunday, September 10th @ 12:37PM

Pitcher vs. Batters

Notable Stats


Is Parker Bridwell broken or do the A’s somehow just own him?? That’s the real question here. Bridwell, who has been solid all year, but has given up 13 runs in hist last 6 innings - all against the A’s. These were his worst two starts of the year by far. Bridwell has faced the Mariners twice this year, giving up 5 runs and 11 hits in June, followed by 1 run and 4 hits in August.

Erasmos Ramirez played the first half of the year for Tampa Bay. In the second half with the Mariners, he has knocked 1.43 off his ERA and has allowed more than 3 earned runs only once in his 7 starts for Seattle. The Angels have faced Ramirez twice this year, scoring only 3 runs over 12 innings.

Verdict: If good Bridwell shows up, the Angels should take the anchor game in this series. If he doesn’t, then all bets are off.

Overall Verdict: Of course the Angels NEED to win this series as they pretty much need to do from here to the end of the season. They have played well against Seattle this year so at least the odds are in their favor.