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Garrett Richards’ $7.3 million deal is just one of many arbitration agreements the Angels wrapped up today

Matt Shoemaker, C.J. Cron, Tyler Skaggs and Martin Maldonado were other recent Halos to avoid arbitration, leaving pitchers J.C. Ramirez, Cam Bedrosian and Jose Alvarez as the last of the unsettled.

MLB: Spring Training-Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, at 10 A.M PST, the deadline for arbitration-eligible Angels players (and their agents, of course) to talk dollars and sense with the club, in hopes of avoiding arbitration, had arrived. While this week had already given us plenty of settlement news, like Andrew Heaney’s deal and Blake Parker’s payday, there were still a handful of question marks for Billy Eppler and his office of the GM.

That wouldn’t last long, however, as the morning got underway with a slew of Halos getting paid, signaling to them that the offseason was just about over and it was time for them to focus solely on getting ready to put on that Angels uni for the 2018 season.

Before we hit Friday, besides the aforementioned Parker and Heaney updates, we heard word of Martin Maldonado’s hefty $3.9 million agreement, a figure fit for a Gold Glove winner, that’s for sure. That left a bevy of Angels arbitration-eligible arms (and one first baseman) to suss this stuff out, and today, before the weekend was fully upon us, suss it out they did.

The morning kicked off with the big one: Garrett Richards got himself a $7.3 million deal, the highest of all the arb deals for the club, and one that will be his last with Los Angeles before he hits free agency at the end of this year.

Next, word broke that C.J. Cron had agreed to a $2.3 million deal, and starting pitcher Tyler Skaggs got himself $1.875 million. The Cobbler, Matt Shoemaker, continued to rake in that $$$ by inking a $4.125 million figure, Jose Alvarez got $1.05 million and 2017 upstart J.C. Ramirez settled to the tune of $1.9 million.

So, it’s now Friday evening, and there’s just one lone Halos player who has yet to settle, and that’s reliever Cam Bedrosian. Everybody else is good to go, and now we just wait and see what the Angels do with Bedrosian. The offseason is almost at it’s sunset, with Billy Eppler and crew having to wrap up a few scant details, and then they can all give themselves a huge pat on the back for one hell of a winter.