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MondoLinks: Angels prospects get some love & Mike Trout is going to the Super Bowl

NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Halos Heaven. It’s your boy, Mayhem, and I’m here to drop a quick, emergency links post so ya’ll to hang out and dish the latest baseball (and otherwise) topics that are on your mind. Stirrups, your usual links ringleader, is having some technical difficulties getting on to the site, thanks to the ever-annoying (but necessary) two-factor authentication that SB Nation uses. So that’s why you’re seeing my name up there in the by-line.

I’ll make this short and sweet, though, and then you guys can commence to dropping any links or stories that are on your mind down there in the comments section, to get some good, time-killing, Monday morning conversation going.

Angels News

Today, Baseball America drops their much-ballyhooed Top 100 Prospects list, and unlike some recent years, there are actually Angels prospects on there! THREE ANGELS PROSPECTS, in fact! Shohei Ohtani, Jo Adell and Jahmai Jones all get some love from BA, which is sure to ignite many takes from the Halosphere.

Speaking of the BA Top 100, it seems that there was actually some heated debates going on in their offices about who would be #1. Our very own Ohtani was thought by some to be the overall #1 prospect, but he ultimately came out as the #2 ball player. Here’s a little piece (behind a paywall, though) on how they dealt with ranking amazing talents like Ohtani, the Braves’ Ronald Acuna and the Blue JaysVladimir Guerrero, JR.

Keith Law released part of his own Top 100 Prospects list, which has even MORE Halos on it! We’ll have something up on this in a few hours, so don’t worry about that pay wall.

Sad stuff here: Former Angels coach Moose Stubing passed away late on Friday night.

Mike Trout stuff

So, Mike Trout’s favorite team (besides the Angels, of course) is the Philadelphia Eagles, as you all know. Over the weekend, he posted up at his usual end zone box seats, along with Halos buddy Tyler Skaggs (who is a sad Vikings fan today), and watched them destroy Minnesota and earn their place at this year’s Super Bowl.

Mike Trout did lots of funny stuff at the game, like putting on a dog mask and getting insanely pumped up.

He also did a little nod to Angels In The Outfield, although when your team wins 38-7, it doesn’t really have the same magical underdog appeal that this gesture had in the movie...but whatever, it’s Mike Trout. He can do what he wants.

Mike Trout also got to give props to his bromance partner, Carson Wentz.

All in all, Mike Trout was happy and excited yesterday, I think.

Alright, folks. It’s Monday, what is on YOUR mind?

Here’s to another good week here at Halos Heaven!