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Cubs fans want to party like it’s 2002 - in reverse

Is Mike Scioscia the cure for the Cubbie Blues?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Every once in a while you see some fun stuff on other SBN sites. Case in point from “Bleed Cubbie Blue”:

The Cubs should hire Mike Scioscia as bench coach

This move would certainly allow them to party live it’s 2002 - in reverse - when Joe Maddon was Bench Coach and Mike Scioscia was manager.

Mike Scioscia as bench coach? It could work. He does like to sit on the bench. Amirite??

Even better might be this poll. The fans over at BCB seem to REALLY like this idea.

Certainly not a scientific poll, but a fun one indeed.

Camaraderie, a trusted confidant. Reasons to bring Scioscia to the Cubs as a bench coach?? While they are at it - perhaps they can also give Ron Roenicke and Mickey Hatcher a call to see what they are up to.