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Halos Heaven obtained a copy of questions from Angels manager exam

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No, not really, but we’d like to think these are accurate.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels-Workout Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

So you want to be the Angels new manager? You’re going to have to take a 2 hour written exam as part of the rigorous process.

Our crack staff here at Halos Heaven was able to get ahold of the top secret questions. We can’t post the entire test because we don’t want any of the candidates to cheat (too much), but here are some of the questions you have to get through if you want to manage the Angels.

  • Describe spin rate in 3 words or less.
  • You have 5 people who could bat cleanup. Who do you choose?

A. Mike Trout
B. Albert Pujols
C. Kole Calhoun
D. Justin Upton
E. Shohei Ohtani
F. Any of the above

  • Midway through the season, your right handed starting pitcher has thrown just 86 pitches. There is one out in the 7th inning, and he has retired 6 in a row before giving up a hit. The pitcher also has a 65% strike rate in the game. The Angels are up 4-1. A lefty comes to the plate. What do you do?

A. Leave the starter in, he’s doing great!
B. Bring in a lefty - because matchups.
C. Listen to your gut.
D. Check your iPad for the analytics.

  • The Angels are in the 2019 World Series. It’s Game 7 and a tie game in the 9th. You have Jabari Blash and Kaleb Cowart on the bench to pinch hit for your pitcher. What do you do?

A. Let the pitcher hit.
B. Get ready for a Blash smash!
C. Bring in your 1st round pick Cowart.
D. This question is invalid since the Angels won’t make the World Series.
E. This question is invalid because the Angels will have the best record in baseball in 2019. This will in turn cause them to be home for Game 7 of the World Series, where the pitcher would not hit for himself because there would be a DH.

  • It’s Sunday and the Eagles are playing. Does your lineup...

A. Feature Mike Trout hitting leadoff.
B. Feature Mike Trout hitting second.
C. Feature Mike Trout hitting third.
D. Not feature Mike Trout.

  • Mike Trout has just been called out on strikes on a 3-2 count. Do you...

A. Sadly shake your head.
B. Console him as he comes back to the dugout.
C. Get out and argue with the umpire.
D. Pull out your prototype robo-ump, plant it at home plate, and bring your life-size Mike Trout doll to first base and stick him there.

  • You’re pitching to Carlos Quentin. Does he...

A. Fly out to center.
B. Fly out to center.
C. Fly out to center.
D. All of the above.

  • Should Shohei Ohtani hit:

A. As much as possible
B. Only on Pujols rest days
C. Only against righties

  • You have a 1PM game but Olive Garden’s all you can eat pasta fest ends at 3PM. Do you:

A. Add it to your calendar for next time
B. Get ejected early and let the bench coach take over
C. Call in sick

  • Essay Question:

Please describe your reasoning for putting Cam Bedrosian in with the bases loaded and a 1 run game in the 8th inning. Note: You must do this. You cannot NOT put him in.

  • How do you feel about 10 year contracts?
  • One of your players doesn’t run out an infield hit. How do you respond?

A. Talk in the post game interview about how he’s trying his best.
B. Yell at him after the game.
C. Bench him for his next start.
D. Nothing. He’s a big boy and can play his own game.

  • What is your favorite Mike Scioscia quote? (may select more than one)

A. Turn the page,
B. He was just missing his spots and ran into a bit of trouble.
C. He’s hitting the ball hard, the hits will come.
D. The ball was coming out of his hand really well tonight.

  • What’s your stance on over-involved owners?

If you could question incoming Angels manager candidates - what would you ask them?