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I Can’t Watch This World Series

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San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

I just can’t. To watch a sporting event, it generally needs to feature a participant I want to win or a participant I want to lose. Barring the ability to pick a dog in the fight, the outcome should have some impact on my favorite team/fighter/player.

This World Series has none of the above. Two teams I root against 162 games a year, and no impact on the Angels. I watch plenty of Dodgers games so I can root against them. Same with Boston, largely thanks to ESPN cramming them down everybody’s throats all the time. Always to hope they lose, being disappointed most of the time.

But the Dodgers and Red Sox can’t both lose this Series. Nor will the outcome affect the Angels in any way, on or off the field. Currently the two drunkest, most obnoxious fan bases to invade the Big A each year belong to these two franchises. One will get worse, no matter the outcome.

Worse. Worse than they already are, which is generally insufferable with the upside of too drunk to remember the game they attended. Either way, three games next year will be worse than they were this year. And there were police paddy wagons parked at the stadium this year.

That’s not to say that I don’t know a great many Dodgers fans who are great people. I do. I’m related to quite a few. I work for one. None who know the origin of their name or logo, but alas, that is a Dodger fan. And I’m capable of being happy for them, I’d just prefer it not be this way. Not on a home run by Puig or a run scored by Machado.

Also, a Dodgers victory in the most front-running of front-runner cities would lead to an explosion for revisionist, and false, “we were here first” and “we were always an major league team” crap from countless other Dodgers fans. You’d think at least a small minority of the fan base would be interested in the the actual, far more fascinating, history of the franchise, but they aren’t.

The thought of front-runners pointing to the interlocking LA logo on their hat for the next couple of years, having absolutely no clue where the logo originated, is enough to offset any potential good will towards the good Dodgers fans in my life. Which makes me feel like a bad friend/relative. More downside.

Sox fans? Well we only have them for a series, at most two, per year. They definitely have a front-runner following and the number of B hats would increase. We wouldn’t have to deal with them on a daily basis as much, but if any fan base deserves misery, it is Boston’s. I’ve literally seen better fan behavior at a Raiders game.

And if they win, my friends and family lose.

There’s literally no upside for the Angels fan here. No upside as friend, either. No upside to be found.

So, for the first time that I can remember, I won’t watch the World Series. I’m sure I’ll get little peeks at a TV when I’m out to dinner. Social media will keep me informed, whether I want it to or not. But I won’t watch a complete inning, much less a complete game.

The good news? I have far greater things to do with my time than watch baseball. Nothing has affirmed that belief more than becoming a father. Time spent crawling around with my little guy beats time spent doing literally anything else in the world. I just won’t have a game on in the background like I often do.

Admittedly, I’ve watched less baseball this year than normal anyway (and I don’t see that changing as my son becomes more active). I’ve yet to completely skip out on a World Series, but hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable and there’s no way this Series will be.

I’ll probably do a follow up piece explaining what I did to fill the time and whether or not there were any withdrawal symptoms. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how the HH faithful is going to watch the two teams our polls showed as your two least favorite battle it out for a title.