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Winter Meetings Day 3: Angels Style

Oppa Angels style!

MLB: Hailey Dawson at Arizona Diamondbacks The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s day 3 of the Winter Meetings and we don’t really have any news. Not big news anyway. Brad Ausmus did do a press conference though which you can watch here:

Here are some of the highlights for the TL;DW crowd:

Albert Pujols:

Yea that sounds like lots of playing time right? But have no fear! He also said “his role in 2019 will come down to his heath and his performance”. Phew. Dodged that one. Perhaps. This is not Mike Scioscia’s Angels.

Shohei Ohtani

Well that just killed my buzz. Okay, I didn’t have one but now I won’t for sure. It’s a not a huge surprised though, considering how bit the Angels have been by pitcher injuries. Also, they have pretty much said every year that Pujols will not be ready by opening day and he makes it (usually). This time though I think it’s true. For better or worse, they are going to be extra careful with Ohtani.


Possibility? Sure!

There are a lot of things that are a possibility for the 2019 season - like winning 86 games or Pujols retiring.

Mike Trout

Dang, that’s really going to piss off that one dude o FB who got mad every time we posted an “If I were Eppler” piece that had Trout batting 2nd. That guy is gonna hate this.

Tyler Skaggs & Andrew Heaney

Elite? Umm... No. Skaggs does have a beautiful curveball thought but his fastball and changeup are pretty blah. Impressed with Andrew Heaney? I hope so! He’s our new ace!


In other news, the Angels still aren’t playing football and they are looking for a defense-oriented catcher (aka .200 hitter unless it’s Realmuto).