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Thor’sLinks: DIY

It’s High Holiday Times for the Stirrups Family. Those wandering by are encouraged to share LINKS!

Tokyo’s Great Santa Run Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

This is THE most important week of my personal life. I do Christmas well, and the Christmas spirit flows through me all year round. So when we get here, I am kinda like Buddy Hobbs.

There might be some things of interest happening throughout the realm of baseball this week. If you trip across such a thing before any of the rest of the community, please post away. All the normal HH rules apply...BUT...don’t be shy and don’t be afraid. Share ANYTHING of interest that you discover. The smalls can be just as fun as the Dodgers getting so frustrated that the best baseball player in the world is living right here in their own back yard and doesn’t wear blue, that they finally cut bait on their first shot at a super star right fielder so they can go fetch their second shot at a super star right fielder. Go big and go small, and I will be rejoining you soon enough.

It’s all over now. Let’s focus on the coming New Year. It will have its own Christmas. It will also have its own Opening Day!

Create your own DYI-HaloLinks:

This is where you help out with the community!

What have you heard or read? Link to it below!